Users now watching more Netflix on Apple TV than iPad

Netflix: Apple TV has passed iPad in viewing hours

Netflix has announced that people are watching their streaming movie and TV service more on the 1 million selling Apple TV than on the 15 million selling iPad.

Possibly related: Apple made a great native Netflix front-end for Apple TV while Netflix made an embarrassingly terrible web-based app for iPad.

Is Netflix self-aware enough to realize this and release better iOS apps?

[Yahoo!/Business Insider via counternotions]

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Rene Ritchie

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Users now watching more Netflix on Apple TV than iPad


That's actually pretty good. I understand your confusion though. When your used to reading about this company selling 5-10 million of a product, a paltry million seems like weak sauce lol.

I'd watch more Netflix on my iPhone 3GS if I could use video out to watch it in my bedroom. For now I mostly use my ps3 I'n my living room mostly, and wii in my loft. I'm going to get apple tv for my room and bathroom soon.

Agreed, I mostly watch TV shows on the go on my iPad through Netflix. All movie via Netflix are via the xbox 360.

That's an obvious answer if we don't consider iPad has 15:1 install-base advantage.
That's an incredible percentage of Apple TV users over iPad users, isn't it?

Duh. The differences in interfaces aren't a factor. Sure, the iPad and iPhone apps could use improvement, but that's not going to stop anyone that wants to watch a movie. Frankly, Netflix is the only thing I use my Apple TV for. One other thing to remember is that the there aren't as many 3G iPads, and even those have limited data plans, meaning Netflix on the iPad is mostly going to happen around wifi—like at home, where you have Apple TV. The only time I've watched movies on my iPad is while traveling.

I don't have an iPad, but I don't see anything wrong with the iPhone app. It's a perfectly usable, elegant interface in line with other iOS apps that gets the job done. It might be nice to have access to some of the features of the desktop browser version, like seeing descriptions of TV show episodes, but if the iPad app is anything like the iPhone app I don't know what Rene is complaining about.

This isn't rocket science. Something that is designed to be viewed on your TV versus a 10" handheld screen, implementation aside it's not surprising and I think has very little to do with the interaction with the app. The AppleTV implementation isn't flawless either, I still get audio dropouts at least once an hour which require a quick rewind to remedy.

I totally agree this is a design issue. I am also frustrated by the audio dropouts on AppleTV Netflix.
I'd also add that since the AppleTV does not yet have other third party apps, Netflix is the primary thing I use the AppleTV for. That said it is a better interface than Netflix through my Tivo or my TV set.

Actually, if you're even slightly brave you can get other video on your ATV2. I'm not sure 100% what works but last night I was watching Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. I've also watched the Life Channel, Revision3, Vimeo and a few others I can't recall at the moment. I've also read that Hulu support is not far behind.
Of course you need to jailbreak and add Plex and/or XBMC but it's very easy and totally worth it. If you don't want to jailbreak, Airflick allows you to stream any HTML5/H.264 content through a local Mac which is nice.

Could just be that many on the ipad don't have netflix.
Apple tv basically has itunes content, a flickr & youtube app, and well..Netflix. Users bought the apple tv to watch tv. Can't do much else with an apple tv.

My AppleTV sits unused, despite the rather nice Netflix interface, simply because the PS3 does a better job of actually playing the movies. My ipad actually gets a lot of Netflix use, either while traveling or curled up in a room without the TV.
And Netflix is one of the most self-aware companies on the planet, else they would have remained seduced by their highly profitable DVD business rather than cannibalized it in pioneering the streaming market. If they thought iOS apps more to your specific tastes would help their marketshare or increase their loyalty more than putting those resources elsewhere, believe me, they would do it.

I'll take this one.
Although the AppleTV interface is much superior to my Wii Netflix App, and although the ATV outputs 720p over HDMI while the Wii outputs 480 over composite, the playback experience on the Wii is superior. For instance, episode 2 of both Beakman's World and THGTTG playing on the ATV have the audio delayed about 1 second from the video. Unwatchable. However if 10 seconds later I fire up the same episode on my Wii it plays back just fine. Did this on 4.2 and 4.2.1.
So the short story: ATV wins on look and feel Wii wins on actually doing what it's supposed to do.

How about using appleTv with a VPN. I have an old ATF and before I buy the new one it has to work. Any experience? Thx