Plex arrives on Apple TV [Jailbreak]

Plex is a fairly popular media center app for Mac OS X and now it will be available for all of your viewing pleasures on the brand new Apple TV (2010) via Jailbreak. Well sort-of. It is currently only in the beginning stages and still has bugs and limited playback options. It does show the future of possibilities for the Apple TV Jailbreak scene, however.

Now that Apple TV has Plex and NitoTV available for it -- and will certainly continue gaining more and more apps -- will you be purchasing one or are you still holding out for something even more groundbreaking? cough Hulu cough.

[ Engadget ]

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Plex arrives on Apple TV [Jailbreak]


Why do all of TiPB's stories, as of late, seem to be coming in after TUAW's? Seems like you guys are stealing stories from them.

I don't think I could care any less about Hulu anymore. Hulu Plus left a bad taste in my mouth. It's as if the networks are trying to kill it off by failing to allow content. (gaps in seasons, missing seasons, etc)
The one app that would make me go out and buy a new Apple TV is Air Video. I haven't tried Plex, though.

Is there anything wrong with sharing information. They are spreading this out so people like us, know whats going on.

"If you like AirVideo you need to try StreamToMe. I have both and the latter is better IMO."
Or try ZumoCast, which is free and has a more native-looking interface than either. (I do love StreamToMe's ability to play videos in a small window while browsing your library, though.)

I've been trying Zumocast all this week. It's buggy, in short.
My music is being added repeatedly.... the same file is showing up 3 and 4 times.
The indexer on the Mac was pounding my hard drive to hell. WHY, I have no idea, because all my files are mounted via NFS anyway! What the hell its doing I have no idea.
And today, I open zumocast, It's playing Lauren Hill - All My Time, so it says... Yet I'm hearing Angie Stone playing. I hit next, now it says it's playing "Joe", but instead I hear "Darnell Jones"....
BUGGY. I will def trying out StreamToMe and AirVideo now that I've seen them mentioned here.
I tried mp3tunes also, but it requires you to upload, which is hopefully slow (on their end, my uploads are typically fast). I put about 40 files on there, and the web player was crashing trying to open. Basically, it's a piece of --it...

Best news I've heard in a month! If they get plex working on AppleTV, I will buy one. If you haven't tried Plex, then you can't be that serious about your media. Plex owns HTPC on the Mac, my whole media center is based around it. Try it... resistance is futile.