Siri used to control home television set

With rumors ramping up of a Siri-controlled Apple television coming from Apple, Todd Treece was able to beat them to the punch and get Siri to fully control his television set using an Arduino IR remote setup and SiriProxy.

We've seen Siri do amazing things like start your car and control your home thermostat using SiriProxy as well, but this setup actually shows the power of having Siri used as a remote control for your TV.

We'll have to wait until Apple ultimately releases their own television set with Siri control before we see something like this hit the masses, but in the meantime you can get your own setup going as long as you don't mind a little bit of hackery.

Source: Todd Treece via iDB

Siri used to control home television set

Andrew Wray

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iBoy says:

Oh. Man. If this is the future Apple TV, I would rather use a remote. So troublesome to do something as simple as changing the channel!

Jason Deno says:

Isn't this what significant others are for?

Nicholas Heilweil says:

The idea of an Apple TV controlled by Siri is awesome until I realize that Comcast will still manage to F it all up!

Ifan says:

I changed the channel for your lazy as. Hahaha

VUt says:

Why do you not have HTML 5? FAUK!