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Apple works hard to keep its products accessible and here's how

A profile of Apple engineer Jordyn Castor shows how she and the company work to make products that are accessible to everyone.

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Apple Watch accessibility center stage in new review

Apple Watch has long been praised for how its accessibility features help a wide variety of people live better lives. This weekend we got another example of how the various features come together to aid in independence, mobility, and functionality.

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Apple's continuing commitment to accessibility

I know exactly why I am an Apple fanboy. It is now, and always has been, about accessibility.

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A little less color: Seeing Apple through color blind eyes

This week on the Network, special guest and Six Colors editor-in-chief Jason Snell speaks about his deuteranopia (red/green color blindness), how it affects using technology, and what Apple's doing in iOS 10 to fix it.

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How technology is expanding options for people with disabilities

Technology is continuing to open up new opportunities for people with disabilities by making the world more accessible.

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How to connect hearing aids and use audio accessibility on iPhone and iPad

If you have a hearing aid or need better audio accessibility, iPhone and iPad can help.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day is coming and here's what Apple's doing about it!

In advance of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple has some important updates coming your way!

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Apple adds dedicated accessibility accessories section to its online store

Apple has created a new section of its online store dedicated to selling accessories for people with disabilities.

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How to customize accessibility on iPhone and iPad

Apple offers a range of accessibility options that let you customize how your iPhone or iPad behaves when you perform certain actions. You have a choice between a few options so you can pick the one that's most convenient and useful for you.

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How to increase the legibility of your iPhone and iPad

Improve the readability of your device's screen by Increasing text size, reducing motion blur, or try other tweaks in Accessibility settings.

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