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FireCore releases updated Apple TV jailbreak tool and aTV Flash (black) software

FireCore has announced that it has now updated its Seas0nPass jailbreak tool and its aTV Flash Apple TV software which now supports the latest version of iOS for the Apple TV. Apple rolled out iOS 5.2 which is actually iOS 6.1 for the Apple TV last month and if you were jailbroken prior to this, you hadn’t been able to upgrade.

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aTV Flash (black) Apple TV jailbreak package gets updated with a revamped video player and more

FireCore has released another update to its hugely popular software for jailbroken second generation Apple TV's (2010, 720p version). The new 1.5 release includes a revamped video player which claims to improve playback performance of most video file types.

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aTV Flash (black) updated to version 1.2, adds video zoom, recently visited

Firecore has released an updated version of its aTV Flash (black) software that runs on any jailbroken second generation Apple TV.

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aTV Flash comes out of beta, version 1.0 now available [video]

Firecore has announced that its aTV Flash (black) software for jailbroken second gen Apple TV’s has finally come out of beta and is now at version 1.0. aTV Flash adds a whole host of additional features to your Apple TV such as a media player that can handle loads of different video formats, a WebKit web browser, radio, Weather and RSS feeds.

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FireCore updates aTV Flash (Black) to RC1, huge improvements for Apple TV [Jailbreak]

FireCore has updated its aTV Flash (Black) software to RC1, which adds a number of new features including a new grid view browsing mode, subtitle related improvements and most importantly, a huge list of performance and playback related improvements.

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FireCore updates aTV Flash with music playback and cloud backup [jailbreak]

FireCore has announced a major update to its aTV Flash (black) software that runs on jailbroken second generation Apple TV’s. The update (beta 7) now includes music playback, cloud backup and even powered artist slideshows.

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