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Pangea Software creates tutorial for adding 3DTV support to Apple TV apps

Game developer Pangea Software has put together a tutorial to guide developers in adding 3DTV support to their Apple TV apps just a week after releasing a slate of games supporting the medium.

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Pangea Software unveils Apple TV game lineup with 3DTV support in tow

Pangea Software, a long-time developer of games for Apple platforms, has announced that its lineup for the Apple TV supports stereo-3D on any 3D-capable TV.

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Chalkboard Pinball Creator lets you build the pinball machine of your dreams

Chalkboard Pinball Creator for iPhone and iPad lets you build and play in your own virtual pinball machines.

Chalkboard Pinball Creator is the latest title from Pangea Software, developer of iOS titles such as Enigmo. With Chalkboard Pinball Creator, you can build any virtual pinball machine you can imagine. You're given a chalkboard, on which you can sketch whatever kind of machine you'd like. Add bumpers, obstacles, and more to your course.

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Pangea's iOS games free until Friday morning

Looking for some fun games for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, but don't want to pony up any cash for them? Pangea Software has you covered. They've released all of their iOS games for free, but act fast, because on Friday morning they go back to their usual prices, anywhere from $1 to $4 each.

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State of the Apps: Dev-Cash in Hand, Keywords Spammed, iBoobs banned, Approval Process Jammed

While many iPhone devs probably haven't struck it rich (just as many of the apps flooding the store haven't yet been strike-it-rich worthy), quality products that find an audience are still proving to be massive income sources for some developers reports Fake Steve Real Dan Lyons in Newsweek:

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Game Review: Enigmo

Enigmo is a 3D puzzle-based game for the iPhone developed by Pangea Software that has been met with rave reviews, even earning a “Best iPhone Game” at WWDC 08. The basic premise is to put water droplets in the water container, oil droplets in the oil container, and lava droplets in the lava container using the specific materials given to you. The materials can range from sponges, springs, slides, or even laser guns and it uses basic physics to determine where each droplet will land.

Enigmo is already a popular game on the Mac, but does it translate to the iPhone? Is it worth your $9.99? How does it perform?

Read on for the rest of the review!

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