Tim Cook announces 13 million Apple TVs sold to date, still playing coy about the future

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage at the D11 conference in California, and while playing coy as usual about the future of Apple TV, he has dropped some interesting figures into the conversation, namely that Apple's set top box has sold 13 million units to date, and more impressively, half of those were in the last year.

Cook also says that it continues to be an area of great interest for Apple, and that the TV experience hasn't yet been brought up to this decade. Kara Swisher took a punt and asked what Apple plans to do about it, to be told:

No specifics were given, of course -- it's the wrong venue for that entirely, especially with WWDC 2013 less than two weeks away -- but Cook did say Apple had a grand vision. In other words, yes, there's a plan...

Given the PS4 and Xbox One announcements recently, do you think Apple needs to pick up their TV pace?

Source: AllThingsD

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Reader comments

Tim Cook announces 13 million Apple TVs sold to date, still playing coy about the future


Got the same impression; they haven't moved on from where they were last year. Seems more interested in the wearable market... get prepared for trillions of teenagers tapping and talking to their giant square Iwatches on public transport...

As far as Apple TV (i.e. a full screen TV vs. the box they have now) rumors, I think that improving the existing box that plugs into an existing TV is a more worthwhile venture than making a whole TV set. What can a plug in box do that a full bore TV cannot? Also, much smaller investment is required to get a box vs. a whole TV set, would be more attainable by the masses.

I agree, why limit your market it makes far more sense to develop something that can potentially work with every TV

I've mostly thought the same; but for whatever reason, Apple has done very little new with the ATV. Developments have been stultifyingly slow; being able to move app icons; redesigning the layout of the interface etc I was hoping this WWDC would herald opening up apps for it, but based on that interview it ain't looking that way! The current ATV is great... but so much unrealised potential.

Agree wholeheartedly. I could afford to buy an Apple TV box that sits under my TV for perhaps a few hundred. But a full bore, likely 4K, TV set costing thousands. Not so much

Airplay on my apple tv has not worked right over the past few weeks. I have to reboot my router everyday when I get home to get it to show up on all devices.

Anyone know what's going on?