Updated Apple TV at "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" Special Music Event?


New Apple TV's, whether it simply be a small bump to the internals (CPU, storage, etc.) or the mythical, rainbow and unicorn-tear soaked Apple PVR, are the latest rumours circulating in advance of Apple's iTunes and iPod touch special music event, "It's only rock and roll, but we like it", scheduled for September 9.

Since TV's aren't rock and roll, odds are we aren't going to see anything major in that -- admittedly aging -- product SKU, but since they do serve as an iTunes Music conduit, maybe Apple's hobby might just get swept up in the song?

Most of this chatter comes again from analysts, so we'll assuredly have to wait and see. Or we could just run a poll and see what you think...

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Updated Apple TV at "It's only rock and roll, but we like it" Special Music Event?


The only thing that would make me buy Apple TV would be if they included a dual tuner for OTA HD broadcasts and built in PVR similar to what is already offered on windows media center. of course it would need to stream videos via a mac HD also, or perhaps even an external HD hooked up directly

Still think Apple TV has very limited appeal. Compared to the Xbox and PS3 which do the same thing and dozens and dozens of other things as well. Throw in a Blu-Ray drive and maybe.

Chances are they will just paint it in colors like the last iPods and gush and swoon over it on stage.
I've never met anyone who has one of these.

Don't think there will be no Apple TV on the show. There will be Spotify.
And maybe, just maybe, Apple have realized the potential of Spotify and will announce it as a new integrated functionality throughout their range of music players with network abilities. And maybe even for devices without network abilities, through the cacheing function available in the iPhone version only leveraged through the new iTunes 9.
Doing this, they would OWN the online music business for at least another decade. Regardless of what anyone else was doing.

Well maybe they will jut BUY Spotify.
But really, who wants their entire music collection to disappear just because you stop paying your subscription? I don't see this as a successful business model.

Think its the only way to get 5.1 sound from HD stuff on itunes.
Other than that, it doesn't do much else you couldn't get from hooking up a cheap computer to an hdtv and using itunes.

What I really want to see is an unlimited video streaming monthly plan. Think Netflix, but with the entire iTunes video catelog. I would be prepared to spend $50/month for that and cancel my cable.

Make the next series of appletv into everything it has now. Now add DVD Blu-Ray player. Now make it into an iTunes by itself. Just throwing out some ideas here. Probably not the greatest ones either. Ha let me know how many problems there.

Like the Black Eyed Peas say: "you're so 2000 and late".
Why on earth would you want to have a music collection when it is all there on the internet? Why would you want to invest in local storage when you don't have to? And no more mobile devices that can not carry all of the stuff you want to listen to, just stream or download it.
"I'm on that next shit now
I'm so 3008
You're so 2000 and late"

Since there are rumours of blu ray on iTunes...
Apple tv with blu ray...
Might be early enough to save apple tv from failiure.

Golly gee, whenever I want to tether or use MMS (not often on MMS, since I am not a teenager), I just put away my IPhone and get out my WinMo device instead. LOL!

remember apple's huge order of 3 and 5 mp cameras??
maybe they're build actual HD stunning quality tv's. of course there would be hundreds of rumours on "big shipments of 52" LCD screens" or something like that. but an OLED option with built in 5 mp camera/webcam and bluray drive and amazing quality
but to be realistic, a bluray drive and 1080p (instead of i) would be cool :)

I think windows media center is a simply a better product. I am really supprised media computers are taking so long to take off.

@ Jared jells
your suprised that media center computers haven't taken off??? That's because mainstream America won't spend 500-1200 on a computer that will pull in media to have it accessed right from any tv in the house. I have been telling everyone that is somewhat tech minded for a few years the benefit of media centric computers. And all I get is a half hearted "cool" and then the subject gets changed... Does my breath stink?? Oh no it's that price thing again! My father in law still carries all his media around on flash drives, iPods, even though it can be streamed for dirt cheap! Old dog theory.. I guess.

Anyway, I don't think this apple tv will be any better than the last... Which zucked... Yes that's zucked (anti- censored version). It was mentioned to some degree above. It will be spray painting iPod nano colors and charge 50-100 upwards of the last models price. Competitive pricing? We don't need no competitive pricing! For goodness sake, apple has reputation to uphold.. Still suprised they have released a "diamond encrusted 1tb Apple Time capsule" and charge $200,000.

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