Win a new Apple TV contest! Because, unlike FireTV, it's available internationally!

Win a new Apple TV contest! Because, unlike FireTV, it's available internationally!

Leave a single comment below telling us where you live and how iTunes compares to Amazon in your country and you'll be entered to win one of three (3) Apple TVs for free!

I can't get Amazon's new Fire TV in Canada. That's not a surprise since I can't get Amazon MP3 or Amazon Video in Canada yet either. I can get a Kindle Fire in Canada but it costs much more than it does in the U.S. and — wait for it — doesn't offer Amazon music or video! While people sometimes complain about Apple having a vertical lock on content, Amazon's horizontal lock is just as frustrating for those of us outside the U.S. Apple, on the other hand, offers more content in more places than anyone else. And to celebrate that, we're going to give away three (3) current-generation Apple TVs to three lucky iMore readers inside the U.S. or out!

To enter just leave a single comment below telling us where you live and how iTunes compares to Amazon in your country. If it's the U.S., who has more of the stuff you want to listen to and watch? If it's outside the U.S., who has anything for you at all, and how much?

We'll pick three winners and send you a free Apple TV.

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Wednesday April 9, 2014 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Win a new Apple TV contest! Because, unlike FireTV, it's available internationally!



I live in St. Louis, MO and Apple TV is the best option for me so I can use it with all my Apple devices. Apple TV all the way.

UK here. iTunes and Amazon are pretty matched content wise but damn is iTunes much cleaner to use and also, it just works with everything.

I live in Colombo, Sri Lanka and for me it's iTunes coz it has the latest and the greatest. Everybody living here knows more about iTunes than Amazon.

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I live in PA and iTunes has the things I want, while also making it easier to find, and use. Not to mention it would work seamlessly with all the other apple devices I have.

I live in Florida, USA and I've found that they both offer compelling content (i.e. shows I want to watch), although I purchase apps and music exclusively on iTunes (as opposed to Amazon's app or music stores).

I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I have been in the apple ecosystem for a while now. I been wanting an Apple TV to add to my apartment while I'm at college, but being a poor college student never had the spare cash. This would be awesome to have :).

I live in Michigan and I am mainly an iTunes user for music purchases. I don't believe I have ever purchased video content from either Amazon or Apple. I use iTunes because I am an iOS device owner (and Mac laptop) and the deep integration of iTunes into those products makes it the most convenient.

I live in Britain and Amazon Instant Video is terrible. That being said, iTunes is only marginally better. Nothing is ideal.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA and iTunes is better than Amazon because we are an iOS family and having everything sync up with our devices makes life so much easier.

I'm in Washington state in the U.S. selection is similar, but having Amazon Instant available kinda tips the tables that way. That being said, Netflix kinda beats either.

While I live in the Apple ecosystem. I recently purchased a Roku3. If it could to Airplay it would be superior. Netflix, Home Media (Plex), Amazon, Vudu, and so many others. If I was buying new, I would by Roku. For now, I use both, and they both work quite well.

Seattle, WA.

Amazon because I can access the content on more devices. but itunes is easier to use and less restrictive.

Seriously iMore is such a JOKE of a site now. There is zero, and I mean zero perspectives but to bash any products that isnt/wasnt Apple-created. For some reason, Rene Ritchie especially has to write about the negatives instead of being fair and pointing out the pros vs. cons. This box, like any other streaming box, has its flaws but are you telling me that overall, the features are not better than the Apple TV? Somewhat ridiculous. I understand that iMore is an Apple affiliated site but sorry, the AppleTV is no longer the best streaming box out there (atleast until an update). I still prefer my Chromecast over the AppleTV.

All these fair points, from an ex-Apple employee :)

I live in dublin, ireland. Apple are the company that offer the most media. We have music, movies, apps and books. Neither google or amazon offer movies which is a deal breaker. Most apps start at €0.89 and HD movies at €16.99. Bit of extra competition wouldn't hurt

Funny, just reading George Packer's great piece in the New Yorker about Amazon and what it's done to the publishing industry (and I checked out "House of Cards", which to me seemed to prove how art by data can have serious pitfalls).

I tend not to use Amazon at all, after reading about labor conditions. For books, I use local bookstores or

As for streaming stuff, iTunes doesn't require a subscription, which I don't like, as my consumption patterns are erratic. So I generally prefer the a la carte model.

In Oakland, CA, as you guys know.

I live in Indiana and Apple TV is a better solution for me because it would synch well to my new mac!

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I live in Uruguay and cannot access movies or music from iTunes or Amazon. My only legal choice is Netflix. But most people here just pirate. I would love an apple tv, it's so expensive here!

Que triste :( yo vivo en Guatemala (afortunadamente acá sí está disponible iTunes) y de verdad que es muy bueno :)
Hopefully it'll be avaliable for you country soon

I live in Portland, OR. I like amazon for the student pricing on prime but I think the Apple TV my friends have is much more beneficial! I buy a lot of music from iTunes and also movies. It syncs up with my iPad and iPhone and I would love an Apple TV to airplay!

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I'm in Montreal and I already use an Apple TV. Why? Because it works! And it talks to all my other devices. All the time, no hassles, no configuration, no problems.

I live in San Antonio, TX

iTunes always has been my choice because of the content, ease of use and the whole layout.

I live in Qatar and an Apple TV would really come in handy, especially for AirPlay. Everyone here will be amazed by it!

I live in portage, indiana. We currently have an older Apple TV an love the quality and features! We have even taken it on the road with us. Love free wifi at hotels! Cheaper than renting ppv movies. Would love to have another so we wouldn't need to move it from room to room.

I live in California. I think both services are great, however I primarily am an iTunes customer. I have iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) as well as OS X devices, and the ease of using iCloud and iTunes make it my go to service. I still use amazon prime, but I often find the content lacking, especially compared with Netflix (for which I'm also a subscriber). In terms of music and movies, etc. I also prefer iTunes over amazon primarily because it was the service I was using first. I haven't spent as much time looking through Amazon music because I'm very satisfied with the content available on iTunes, the ability to redownload with iTunes in the Cloud (I know amazon has something similar, but most of my stuff is through iTunes), use iTunes radio to discover new music to download, as well as the new Disney Anywhere app which syncs Disney movies with my iTunes account. Both companies provide excellent customer service and I'm sure you couldn't go wrong either way.

Hello from Thessaloniki, Greece!

The AirPlay capability plus the best store in every country makes AppleTV unbeatable!!!

Here in Chicago, IL. When you have a household full of Apple products, the ecosystem just works. Everything, everywhere. And honestly... Amazon has nothing I need. (except for maybe the prime shipping)

Apple. Period. Zach out...

I live in new jersey, USA. In my opinion itunes offers such a wide variety of content for me i easily would choose apple itunes. I do thou know a few people that enjoy amazons offerings but to each there own.

I live in Virginia. This would be great for a recent cord cutter such as myself. As a recent iPhone convert I would love to get my hands on some more Apple tech.

I live in Delaware, USA and the selection between Amazon and iTunes is similar but now that my entire family has iOS devices, this is the better option.

I live in Illinois and iTunes works better for me than Amazon. Content is easier to find and the interface is better.

I live on Long Island in New York and Amazon is probably on par with iTunes, but I love the ecosystem Apple has made so much BETTER!

I live near Charleston, SC (USA), and I prefer iTunes because I know they always have the latest and greater music first.

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I live in Canada - Itunes you can actually get all content that's available in the rest of the world vs Amazon which we get taunted by endless options only to be told it can't come across the 49th parallel. Sad to know there is a competitor that I can't use so to make the best of a bad situation I use apple products b/c it WORKS IN CANADA!

I live in Wisconsin USA. iTunes for me because I have a Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Apple TV would be an awesome addition.

I'm in Texas. I buy pretty much all my music from Amazon because it's cheaper. I don't really buy/rent movies or TV because of cable and Netflix.

I live in Guatemala... no Amazon prime here... but iTunes works like a charm :)
Would love to have an Apple TV to turn my regular tv into a smart tv (of sorts) :D

I live in Arizona. Apple have everything I could need or want. I don't even bother with amazon for music, movies, or TV shows.

Living in the US, I get the best of both iTunes and Amazon. I've bought into the Apple ecosystem long ago so spreading the love across my home with another Apple TV would only help to expand!

I live in Dubai the UAE, I use ATV since the first version came out, I use the US iTunes Store and it works like a dream.
I'm not using the local monopolized censored expensive cable

United States in Michigan. Never used Amazon services. Strictly iTunes throughout the house.

I live in Poland. We have very restricted terms of use such services as iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. Here, Apple products are less popular (due to prices, which are the same all over the world but prices are not) and thanks to Apple Tv and my iPad, I will be able to show my friends how great is Apple ecosystem!

Apple TV is perfect for those family parties with everyone showing pictures of all the latest adventures of the kiddos! Send one my way please!

Hello from Wisconsin! iTunes and Apple have what I need. I have an Amazon prime account but the fact that I can Airplay from the amazon instant video app to my appletv trumps spending $100 on another box. So in that regard I would not say the amazon fire tv is a competitor to the Apple TV, more of a competitor with chromecast and Ruku since it supports android.

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I live in south Florida and iTunes is the only play I buy all my digital media. Just easiest to use and have always used it!

I live in Idaho. Recently tried an Amazon Prime trial. They just don't have much content, so sticking with Netflix for now. I've wanted to get an Apple TV for a while now to be able to stream all my iTunes-purchased content.

I live in Mississippi and iTunes makes it easier for me to sync my library to all my devices, including my kids iPods. iTunes also has more of what the family as a whole is looking for when we shop for media.

I live in Argentina and here is most used iTunes since Amazon has no support for Argentina, and itunes yes.

Brooklyn, New York. iTunes hands down! It's especially easy to gain access to movies, music, etc. using you mobile device. Never liked Amazon.

I live in Florida and only use Itunes because, well... It just works. That and because it is made from unicorn tears.

Currently living in Illinois, been sticking with Apple TV since most of my digital movies are iTunes copies. I do have to say there's a couple of exlcusives that Amazon has I'm kinda wanting to watch (all the talk of the veronica mars movie makes me want to see the show) but iTunes & apple tv has all the stuff I watch regularly.

At first: I live in Germany.

There are no battle between iTunes and Amazon. Maybe there is a "were" in some fields.

Music: I don't know anybody buying music on Amazon -> all of my friends are getting music on iTunes or are buying CDs.

Video: Myself used for a while Lovefilm, but the streaming content selection were really poor… they not even had the simpsons…
In germany the most use Maxdome (or do not stream legal), but now a lot of my friends (including me), with a prime-subcription, do use Amazon Instant Video.
And itunes, I don't know anybody who ever bought more than 5 videos on iTunes… (to expensive)

Hi, my name is Tiago and I am from Portugal.

The problem with Portugal, and appleTV is that it doesn't support netflix. For me, that is 50 % of the value AppleTV has. The other half is the commodity to display all my content in a TV. The main difference between amazon and apple, in this scenario, probably will be in reliability and streaming quality. In my opinion they are not competing in service here in Portugal. They only complete in the streaming segment .

I live in Santa Cruz, CA - while I have Amazon Prime - it doesn't compare to iTunes and the Apple ecosystem with all of my families devices - except for Apple TV - haven't tried it yet.

I live in Malaysia. Amazon wasnt available here. But thanks to iTunes, we get a complete online media store.

I live on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. iTunes Canada has more selections and choices than There is no incentive to get Prime membership in Canada, as all we get is 2-day shipping. We do not get Prime video here.

I live in Orlando FL. I have never used amazon. The Apple TV is great for me because all my music movies and tv that I've purchased on my other devices are accessible and it's great for showing off family pics and videos!!

I live in the UK. Amazon offers Prime Video for a lot more than the US version... but that's about it. The selection is pretty poor - old films and select TV shows. Having looked at it once and gave up, I returned to Apple, which offers music, TV, podcasts, apps, games and more.

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Apple TV and iTunes...still the best in the US! Amazon is OK, but the integration with all my devices is what keeps me using iTunes.

I live in Colombia and amazon is practically non existent here, apple has a decent collection of movies and a vast one of music here but I can easily use an US account. Besides I can use airplay to stream my media so yeah, an apple tv would be welcome.
I'm way into the apple ecosystem with an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Macbook and iMac.

Living in New York iTunes and Amazon are about even for me. iTunes wins overall though for being on more devices I'm interested in.

I'm in the USA.

iTunes provides seamless integration between my iOS/OSX devices. I enjoy having one place where all my digital media is stored, so I can watch/listen/read what I want, when I want, and on which device I choose.

I live in Indiana, and I use iTunes because it's easier and there are more choices for everything. I do have Amazon Prime, but only use that for shipping things in 2 days...

I live in Minnesota and have been an Apple user since 2004. iTunes has a cleaner more organized interface, and all my Apple devices work seamlessly with the Apple TV. Apple all the way!

I live in New York State, and although both iTunes and Amazon content are available, it looks to me as though the Apple TV is a more useful device, since it does AirPlay streaming.

I live in Pennsylvania. With all my Apple devices, it only makes sense for me to prefer iTunes over Amazon.

Amazon? What Amazon? The only thing we get in Singapore is Amazon shipping stuff over. Apple is amazing over here. Content, hardware and everything else. It's perfect. Who needs Amazon anyway?

I'm in Kentucky, and contrary to popular belief, we have high speed internet here. I have a myriad of Apple products, but not Apple TV. It would be a great addition to my house.

I live in St. Louis, MO and love Apple TV due to its simplicity and love using AirPlay from my iOS devices!

I live in Ottawa. iTunes has fair content, iTunes Radio is nonexistent, Amazon sells CDs and books on a web site, and Netflix is missing most of the shows!

Here in The Netherlands Amazon is pretty much non-existing. We can use their cloud services as a company but nothing else. redirects to the British website. I do believe it's possible to import and use a Kindle, but that's it.

iTunes on the other hand is very rich in content. Even for movies. But there are no TV-series to watch. As for music we pretty much get everything the rest of the world has and we have the iBookstore and even iTunes U.

I'm in the US, and for me the Apple TV rules since I already have a pretty extensive iTunes library along with being a Mac user for many years. Nothing can really compete with the ease of connecting to the Apple TV to show my photos, listen to my music, etc. Are there other options for doing all this? Sure. But right now its easy enough for everyone with an Apple TV.

I'd love to win an Apple TV. I definitely prefer iTunes for the integration with my Apple devices. I wouldn't even consider FireTV, Chromecast or other similar devices, regardless of content.

I live in the UK, I've found that both amazon and Apple offer a good range of content however iTunes is so much easier to use, it just works.

I live in Dallas and honestly if I have an Apple TV I'm ditching my cable services --cord cutter!!!

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I live in Colorado, USA. iTunes is good for digital content. Amazon is good for delivering munchies food, especially for us in Colorado.

I live in the Dominican Republic, and there is no Amazon here. iTunes offers Music, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Movies, so, you can guess what service I use.

I live in KY, USA. Itunes for me because I can play the songs via airplay on my TV. Itunes has more content (songs) in my language ( South Indian language called TELUGU). Most importantly , Itunes because I am totally invested in Apple ecosystem with ipad, mac, Iphone and ipod. Just consistent UI everywhere. Thanks imore.

I buy from iTunes for a unified experience, I own an iPad Mini Retina, MacBook Pro and iPhone 5S. Plus, annoyingly, the Sony blu ray player I bought because it 'supports Amazon instant video' actually doesn't in reality. It just makes sense as a committed Apple user.


CA. While both are available, thanks to the economy I cannot afford to squander money on either. I am in the Apple ecosystem which by definition makes it better (not really).

Apple is Apple, Amazon is a provider not a manufacturer. The content provided by both is so similar and with so much overlap it's difficult to differentiate (better) between the two services.

The one thing that Apple doesn't and will never (probably) allow that Amazon does is the ability to view/listen to content on a multitude of operating systems, which while I only possess an Apple product I think is a much better consumer model.

Thanks for making this giveaway possible

UK itunes because everything is in one place and across all my devices with ease!

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I live in the US, and definitely prefer the options on iTunes. And though I know it's unlikely, it'd be great if there were an Amazon app on Apple TV!

Cleveland, OH. Currently use Google Play All Access for Music, iBooks for my books, and amazon only when its cheaper.

I live in Spain, I prefer iTunes definitely because I can have the same apps updated seamlessly. I'm an apple fan!! Good job iMore!!!

I live in New York. In my case, iTunes wins. I listen to some K-Pop and the only (legal) way to get their music is to either import the CDs or buy them from iTunes.

i live in Illinois and apple is better because my mom told me when i was a child that an apple a day would keep the doctor away.

I am from billings, MT. have tried multiple times to appreciate amazon's services. As a prime member I pay for it too, but every time I use these services it just comes off as an after-thought. The interface is unpolished the service isn't as universal, too many hiccups and the content seems more limited.

I live in Maryland and prefer iTunes. Not only is it easier to use with most devices, with iCloud streaming it saves precious on-board storage space. Also, with kids, the deal between Disney and Apple makes classic movie ownership a breeze. Even content purchased through Amazon originally is now available on my AppleTV (thanks, Apple and Disney!)

I live in the U.S. (in Florida). If I want to purchase music, I prefer iTunes. It would be nice if the next iOS iteration on the Apple TV could do apps like this Amazon FireTV. I think it would be a better (or at least more familiar) experience for my family, as we are deep into the Apple ecosystem. It would probably transform how we use our TV screen in a big way - and not just games.

I live in NY and basically design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. (See what I did there...)

I live in NYC and need an Apple TV in my bedroom. iTunes is way better than amazon because it syncs with my devices and that's all I need.

I am from Richmond Virginia. I am using iPod, iPad, mac and iPhone for several years. The quality and reliability is unbeatable by any brands not only Amazon. I use android also, but it's not as reliable as ios my vote is for apple tv

Minnesota, I would prefer the Apple TV stictly because the intergration between iTunes and all it's product lines

Singapore is where I am, and here I can buy digital music and movies and what have you, while I can't download anything but physical media on Amazon, which is fine by me because both of these stores shouldn't be the same to me and would do just fine being themselves.

I've been wanting an Apple tv for awhile so it would be great to not have to pay for it :). I live in Omaha NE and I really don't use iTunes or Amazon, but I would probably pick iTunes if I had to choose one

I'm in the US. Personally, I have nothing against Amazon but I prefer the integration which comes with owning an Apple TV.

I live in southern Oregon and the Apple TV is a fat better choice for me. I've owned Apple products for a long time and I have a lot of purchased media on iTunes. I find iTunes to be much easier to work with than Amazon. I don't pay subscriptions and I don't use Pay-Pal. With iTunes, all I have to do is buy an iTunes gift card and redeem it. There are Amazon cards, but they aren't as widely available around here. Also, iCloud is a very useful feature for me.

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I'm in Washington, US and use iTunes for everything. Amazon has always seemed cluttered and disorganized to me. If only iTunes sold paper towels too.

I'm living in Finland these days and we struggle for content on iTunes, Amazon, and even on cable tv (it's all trashy UK and US shows). An Apple tv would be a god-send and would mean I get, not only new channels (as I can set it up as UK via a DNS), but could also AirPlay all of my iTunes and downloaded content to my new Smart tv! *fingers crossed* :-)

South Dakota, US - Amazon has always won my family's music business with its competitive pricing. And only recently has iTunes won 100% of my family's video business after the Disney iOS app launch coupled with iTunes integration.

I am from Las Vegas and its
simple, in my house everyting that we have its with the apple logo on it.

Camas WA. I am an amazon prime subscriber and I have not watched a single show on amazon, not even the free shows. I have pretty much committed to the apple ecosystem and I am not interested in buying into a separate siloed service unless I can easily put all of my purchases in one place. I just want them to keep developing services that don't require normal tv subscriptions.

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I live in the Midwest, and I find that Apple TV has definitely been content king lately. With Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and more apps added monthly, there really is no end for content.

Since Amazon has added AirPlay functionality, it has increased use for watching content from Amazon too. We use several Apple TV devices at work and can say that they definitely provide the best experience out there.

Also, with iTunes and Disney teaming up, it definitely would add value to be able to stream those Disney files from iTunes library to the TV.

I'm in the US, and while I love all things Apple, I often do use Amazon for most cross platform compatibility when it comes to movies and TV shows (I have a Roku and TiVo along with an iPad and iPhone - and Amazon works on all of the above).

Boston MA. I use iTunes for all things related to apps. I use Amazon to buy tangible goods. For the latter, haven't really tried any of their streaming services even when I had Prime membership.

I'm currently living in NY.
I prefer Apple products, they work great with each other and the media library is easy to manage.

I prefer the Apple TV. I'm sure we will see an update eventually that will rival FireTV

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I live in Saudi Arabia, iTunes provides a lot of contents, like movies and music, unlike Amazon, which provides nothing in Saudi Arabia.

I live in Florida, I believe Apple has more stuff I want & at a better quality product!

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I live in Maine. Since I have both Apple and Android devices, I use both and am satisfied with the selection and service of both. Oh, and I'd really like to own an Apple TV.

I live in Texas (where everything is better haha) and an Apple TV to watch Netflix would nullify my cable usage. I mean, who DOESN'T want to watch the entire season of Breaking Bad again?? Hope I win and good luck to everyone!

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California here, and iTunes is what is used by my iPhone and MBP so that is what it has over Amazon for me.

I live in India and last year apple upped its game and launched iTunes movies and music. Amazon on the other hand has nothing and the sheer amount of stuff available in India via amazon is just pathetic compared to a young local ecommerce sites like flipkart.

I live in Nawlins Luziana USA, and we love dem fancy gadjets down here, cher! Apple TV: You mean we can watch tv shows widout commercials? What kind of voodoo is dat ?!!???!?!?!??

I'm from Canada - with our climate, we need all the entertainment options we can get! I would use Apple TV to work with the rest of our Apple devices in the house!

I love iTunes and everything apple. I live in India, so there is no streaming service available here. But, I have a US iTunes account, which I use to buy tv shows (my friend living in the us gives me us itunes gift cards). I'm not ashamed to say that I am completely addicted to American Tv! I can't use amazon to buy anything except ebooks for the best e reader on the planet-the kindle. So iMore, fulfill the wishes of a bored guy living in India who loves to watch American tv shows all day long!

I currently live in Malaysia and iTunes is much better here than Amazon! iTunes movies and music are available where Amazon doesn't even have music here. It's also easier to access content from the US iTunes/App Store (I have a valid US payment method) from here than with Amazon.

I live in Indianapolis, IN and I love Apple TV...I had amazon and it sucked even as a prime time member...just saying

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I live in Canada. iTunes I much better than Amazon because it "just works", as well as that it has many more products available in comparison.

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I live in Australia I have to use Amazon UK because of shipping With the fire I can't get roku or Hulu so I can't use this either.

I live in Indy and Amazon will never create anything that touches Apple TV...ever!

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Live in Canada - New Brunswick (3 hours from Jim D) - If you're into Apple than iTunes is a must: great selection, all devices, sync... Amazon: Not even on the ice!

Amazon has more stuff for me and the Kindle is convenient for all my Amazon purchases.

But I don't have Apple TV or the Amazon Fire box. A free Apple TV would earn my business. :)

I'm from Burnaby, Canada.

iTunes is available on my computer, and Amazon Prime in Canada doesn't include the video services at all.

I am in Jamaica. I am one if the few with AppleTV. It is totally awesome. Netflix weekends and parts of ESPN. But Hulu is a disaster. I wish everything was available but I know the rights issues but--Outstanding!!!

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The US, iTunes for me besides having more options/ selection I like to have everything connect effortlessly.

I'm in Washington, US and use iTunes for everything. Amazon has always seemed cluttered and disorganized to me. If only iTunes sold paper towels too.

From Nova Scotia Canada. Only choice is Apple TV when Amazon video or music is not available in Canada. Come on Amazon. At least give us a choice to make!!!!

I live in Washington state. And I'm already invested in Apple ecosystem; since it has more of the stuff that I want to watch/listen. :)

I live in Southern California. Content is abundant for me. And I love having iTunes and cloud service from apple. Makes my life so much easier!

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I'm in the US. Amazon seems to be able to support more devices with their streaming services than iTunes. Apple seems to want to stay propitiatory and only function on Apple devices. My Roku's connect right up to Amazon for Streaming where it won't connect up to iTunes. This limits the amount of customers apple can gain. Annoying!

I live in Ohio and iTunes/Apple content is more organized, more complete, and just works better with all my devices. Amazon is trying too hard to be a content delivery corporation when they should stick to selling good physical products cheap.

I live in Canada and unlike almost everything else, Itunes is pretty full featured for us. Unlike our cars that cost $5k more for less features compared to the US. Plus it's cold as ****. Worst winter EVER. Go Itunes!!

I live in Moreno Valley, California and to be honest iTunes kind of got the win on this one, it's easier to use and much more trendy than amazon

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I live in Pennsylvania in the US. Although I have access to all Amazon has to offer I prefer iTunes for its better UI and easy syncing to my devices once I find something I want

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I live in NJ in the USA and for me the Apple TV is the best because it fits in my all apple ecosystem. Everything works together, I love it, my kids love it and my wife loves it. The only thing that we would love more is to get another one and that's where you come in, pick me

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Hey I live in Mount Lebanon, Lebanon. I have an iPhone and an iPad. I never needed Amazon so far, iTunes covers all I need, games, apps, music you name it...

I'm from India. Amazon india has NO aka zero aka naada digital multimedia content for one to buy or stream! iTunes however has a pretty impressive set of movies and tv shows on offer for buying or renting!

Amazon Prime member/iOS user commenting from NE Georgia...

As far as my streaming video habits - I first check Netflix to see if it's available in their library, then if it's a movie or TV episode I need to rent/buy I'll look to iTunes initially due to it's ease of use with ATV, then my choice moves to Amazon Instant via AirPlay. I also have a Roku but it is rarely used bec/ my needs are met by ATV/iOS combo - plus, the additional Roku remote among those for a Vizio TV, a sound bar, an ATV, and an occasional LCD Projector is too problematic to manage in a house full of young kids.

Adding yet another remote for a new device that really doesn't offer a compelling service/capability beyond what I currently have isn't going to get me to pull the trigger on purchasing FireTV.

I live in Utah, USA.

As far as I can tell, Amazon really compliments iTunes and vice versa. I have the luxury of getting to chose between the two. Hence, though they compete directly against each other, both make their services so readily available that I can typically just cherry pick which one fits my needs on a situation by situation basis. iTunes usually ends up as the default choice, however, and Amazon gets pushed to the "Guess-I'll-Go-See-If-Amazon-Has-It".boat only in more extreme circumstances.

iTunes is my go to media hub simply because, by default, it is integrated so seamlessly into the devices I own and because it typically has everything I'm looking for. I don't have to download additional apps or repeatedly log into a website or wait for content to finally trickle into the store after it was released much earlier on other platforms. Throw in complimentary ecosystem benefits like iTunes match, AirPlay, Apple TV, iCloud Sync etc., and the benefits for me to live within that walled garden are compounded.

As a subscriber to Amazon Prime for shipping benefits, however, I am happy to have access to their services like Amazon Instant on the few occasions that I can't find something on iTunes or Netflix, such as an older movie. But I certainly wouldn't subscribe to Amazon Instant as a standalone service, just as I don't currently use their music or book stores. I only use it because it is a sunk cost. Otherwise, Amazon services are just too far out of my typical workflow and the potential benefits of changing things up are either marginal or non-existent.

All that being said, I hope Amazon has success and drives Apple to create and innovate better products.

I live in a small town in India where advanced technology is available only through awesome products from Apple like Apple TV,iPad,iPhone.The apple tv is so beautiful & easy to use I can air play the contents on my big screen TV & iTunes has been made nice with Indian taste of entertainment.

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I live in GA, and use Apple TV in my classroom to stream the info from my ipad for the rest of the class to see! AirPlay rules!!

I live in Canada and iTunes has everything I need from music, TV episodes and movies. Amazon doesn't offer these services here.

I live in Pennsylvania and the Apple TV does everything I need it to do and it does it seamlessly and easily.

I live in Iowa, U.S.A. and Apple services are easier to use on iOS and Apple TV. Definitely better for music (iTunes Radio!).

US for me. I guess that puts me on rather even footing in terms of iTunes and Amazon content. I've never really directly compared them.

I'm English and living in Berlin, Germany. There's no question for me that iTunes is the way to go. I did the trial of Amazon Instant Video and was horrified to find that EVERYTHING is dubbed. Not subtitled, dubbed! I can, however, use my UK iTunes account and access exactly what I need in English!

I have access to both iTunes and Amazon on my TV. I would have to say I use iTunes 90% of the time. It's faster, easier to browse/search and easier to use.

I'm in Hawaii. I love both iTunes and Amazon, but in terms of media and content, iTunes is king. Movies, music and apps! I have Amazon Prime, but their media library sucks.

I'm from the UK, and although the content provided by both Amazon and Apple is probably fairly close here, Apple know how to do things right. The ability to mirror whatever I want from the Apple ecosystem on my iPad to my TV is the most appealing feature to me!

I live in Canada - I couldn't tell you what Amazon has available here... but if its anything like vs - it wont be much of anything!

Tampa, FL reporting for duty. Amazon is an imitator. Apple is a true innovator. I want to support innovation.

Canada, BC. Can't really tell which is better as i don't have any of these devices. My kids are watching Treehouse and occasionally some Netflix on my crappy old laptop and they seem to be happy with the content they get from there.

Sacramento, CA here-
Have to go with the AppleTV. The family is almost exclusively into the Apple ecosystem so getting content from and to (airplay) the AppleTV is easy, quick and convenient.

I'm from montreal canada and I have yet to come across much from amazon, everyone I know has spoken highly of Apple TV!

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I live in Canada near Toronto. Apple TV and iTunes is the best STB here because it offers a wide spectrum of media options and works seamlessly with all our other Apple devices.
It adds the bonus of AirPlay video and audio for music and big screen viewing options as well.
Amazon cannot possibly compete on the world stage if they don't bring Amazon Prime video streaming to the rest of the world :)

Romania here. Amazon means nothing for us. Almost everybody uses iTunes to buy music and movies!

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Good ole California and I can buy or rent pretty much everything from iTunes. I'm pretty mad at Amazon too for stealing the rights of 24 away from Netflix I mean the only things that should be exclusive to a streaming service is the original content they produce ie OITNB or the 4th season of Arrested Development.

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I live in Los Angeles, CA. iTunes is better because you can depend on the quality and the ecosystem and almost EVERY content items you can think of. Worth the money? YEP!

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I live in Charlotte, NC and Apple TV wins for me, because of unecessary amount of other apple products I own that it plays so nicely with.

I live in Atlanta! I think Apple TV is better, by what I have right now (amazon video) you can't do the whole "air play" thing on your TV, but with Apple TV, I would not only be able to stream with it, but also stream from my multiple Apple devices!

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I live in Turkey and iTunes officially support the Turkish market until the present goverment bans it :))

Amazon? What? Where? Who?
Sorry but Nope!!!

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I live in Sweden. We don't get Amazon here, and not Google Music/Videos either. I switched to iPhone from a Nexus this winter and I really like iTunes.
I've been thinking about buying an Apple TV to augment my dumb-TV for four months so I can actually watch my movies, listen to my music and stream Netflix to my TV without having to plug in my computer.

I live in the US, and here both iTunes and Amazon have a TON of stuff available; I usually go with iTunes first, because we're an Apple household.

i live in Massachusetts and i use iTunes over Amazon for all of my media. all of the products are superior to Amazon's (especially iTunes Match). for me Amazon is mainly used for Prime shipping

Nashville, TN here. iTunes blows everyone else out of the water! Plenty of content, ease of use, great design. I would love a Apple TV.

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Competition aside, this is actually an interesting topic. Generally speaking Apple does far better with digital content around the globe than Amazon, Google or Microsoft.

In the UK Amazon and Apple offer similar amounts of content, although I do think Apple is slightly ahead with exclusive/earlier access to content. But the clincher for me is that Apple has far better software and hardware.

I'm in Guatemala, currently I have one Apple TV and it works like a charm.
Content wise, iTunes provides access to both Music and Movies at the time but no TV Shows but Amazon offers, zero in comparison. I do have a US iTunes account so that bring full content access at the moment and works for me.

Looking forward to a second Apple TV!!!

I live in Tennessee. I used Amazon Video on my Roku before getting an Apple TV for Christmas. Since then I haven't even thought about getting any video content from Amazon, iTunes all the way.

I live in the US and I like iTunes better because there aren't many good things on Amazon.

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I'm from Cleveland and use iTunes to purchase my music because it doesn't count against my iTunes Match quota.

I live in Illinois, USA. Honestly, the integration with all my devices is what stands out about iTunes and why I use it.

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Ohio! iTunes lets me listen to 90 sec song previews, then I buy my songs from Amazon MP3. Apple TV won't let me watch my Amazon Prime Instant, but I would still take it if it's free!!

I am from Canada, and as stated in the post, Amazon is very limited up here. I think their products, like the new Fire TV, are really great, the only problem is that their content is limited. But so is Google, and Canada still does not have Hulu or Pandora, etc.
So Amazon isn't the only company at fault for ignoring Canada.
(Apple still has not released iTunes Radio in Canada)

Louisiana, USA. I don't really use either all that much. I'm a Netflix guy. But an Apple TV would be nice for AirPlay stuff.

In the USA. I'll stick with iTunes. Amazon would need to show me something over the top cool to get me to even bother.

My doctor said I lead too active a lifestyle, and I need to watch more tv. Please help me achieve the sedentary lifestyle my doctor recommends.

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Most of my streaming services are cheaper than Amazon Prime, other than the free shipping on most orders. Everything I need is on my AppleTV, and don't forget my ecosystem works together to stream on AppleTV. My home is in North Carolina.

I live in California, Amazon just don't compare to apple In any way. Apple Is high end, amazon is well amazon.

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I live in California, Amazon can't compare to apple. Apple is high end and amazon is amazon.

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