WWE body-slams its way onto the Apple TV — will you be watching?

WWE body-slams its way onto the Apple TV — will you be watching?

The WWE Network has officially launched, and is available on the Apple TV. The network was originally announced at CES, and will bring you all 12 of the WWE's pay-per-view events, including WrestleMania, live. The network also promises original series, reality shows, and documentaries, as well as on-demand content.

To view the channel's content, you need a subscription, which runs $59.99 every six months. You can subscribe either through the WWE's website or through the Apple TV itself.

Will you be tuning in? Let us know below in the comments.

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Reader comments

WWE body-slams its way onto the Apple TV — will you be watching?


I think I will. Given that Wrestlemania XXX is next, and a six month subscription will cover the summer and Summer Slam, might be worth it.

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7 day trial. I'll give it a whirl this week. I honestly haven't watched WWE in years, but am willing to subscribe for the first 6 months to support this model.

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Education has nothing to do with the WWE Network. It's great programming for family with the PG Era. But also great for long time fans who want to watch the Attitude Era Pay-Per-Views.

"Education has nothing to do with the WWE network". I couldn't agree more. Absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Lol

I think it's for cavemen. Teaches kids to be irresponsible and that it's ok to shave your body and wrestle a man in speedos. Taking steroids are apparently ok as well

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Clearly you know nothing about professional wrestling. None of the wrestlers are allowed to take steroids in the WWE as they have regular drug testing and performers are immediately suspended or fired for taking any illegal substances. Also, I am a very well educated student who is polite and has a good social life, as well as many others who I know enjoy watching professional wrestling.

Don't stereotype, it's very unintelligent. I accept everybody has opinions and preferences, I like wrestling and you don't, but there is no need to attack people who enjoy something.

I won't be watching it either, but I have no issue with those who do. It's entertainment - not much better or worse than most other forms.

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Agree with this statement 110%. I want more programming in this type of model.

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It's a shame that every time there's an article on an Apple site about this new Network, the comment section gets filled with "educated, sophisticated, holier than thou types, beating their chest about how they would never subscribe to such a thing and blah blah blah and on and on. We get it...wrestling is for inbred hicks, we've been through this a thousand times. If you don't like wrestling and don't want to watch it, fine, don't, but why insult those of us that do. Maybe it's you, in fact, who are uneducated. You may "have an education", but you are speaking about a subject on which you are indeed uneducated. For those of us that have watched wrestling for years, we cringe when we hear your unoriginal insults about "sweaty men in tights" and my personal favorite, "you know it's fake right". Yes, it's a scripted form of entertainment, no different than the paint by numbers cable dramas that you "educated types" so enjoy. If you would open your mind to what is actually happening on an episode of "rasslin", you'd find, quite possibly, the most intense form of live theater in existence. These athletes, many of whom are more athletic than other "legitimate" athletes go out in front of tens of thousands of people and they get one take to do their part. A "good" wrestling match is a roller coaster, if two "good" wrestlers go out and have a "good" match they are able to use their bodies and facial expressions to take 15,000 people on an emotional roller coaster for 20 minutes. For many of us rasslin' fans, in this day and age, we actually watch to see a good match. Like a fan of figure skating would watch to see a good routine. Because that's what a wrestling match is...a routine, an exhibition. It IS NOT about who wins and loses, it's about the quality of the art of a truly great match and truly great story. We know it's fake, we don't all sit in a trailer in Wyoming and hoot and holler at the TV. The wrestlers no longer paint their faces and wear spikes and stick their tongues out and yell..."THIS SATURDAY, THE CRUSHERS GONNA CRUSH YA IN THE CAGE, BROTHER!" I could go on, but it's not worth it....I give up.

That being said, WWE is pioneering the way out from the oppressive rule of the cable and satellite companies. For that, we should all be thankful.

Very well said. I have to say, I am very well educated, come from a financially comfortable family and we respect 'high art' media texts, however, the main source of entertainment for myself and others in the family is with professional wrestling. People with very uneducated ideologies really get on my nerves with their opinions which they feel they have to preach like it is the gospel's word. Pathetic. I am a proud, well educated fan of professional wrestling and you know why, it certainly doesn't have anything to do with my class or education, it's because of a little thing called Personal Preference.

I stopped watching wrestling when The Rock started being friendly with Mick Foley. Then again I also don't have an appletv. But point is WWE channel is not a selling point to me. But if someone likes it good for them.

I like the option of being able to subscribe through the website. I may have to watch this channel.

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I won't be partaking in this offer. As good as it as, I've filled my life with other obligations and have only the memories of WWF/WWE of days gone by.

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Interesting development. It has been easy to download pay-per-view content on usenet. Starting with the app going live this past weekend's PPV was posted as usual but it is impossible to download, a takedown order must have been submitted. The timing of this does not seem to be coincidence. I don't make a habit of downloading such things but I did try at this juncture out of simple curiosity.

To echo someone else's comment just a bit, everything on TV and the movies is fake. You enjoy something or you don't. It has been a few years since the WWE has captured my imagination. If the WWE app had on demand shows from when I was a kid in Detroit with the production of Big Time Wrestling back in the mid 60's, they'd have me hooked. Maybe during the rerun season I'll give it a go and watch the ECW stuff.

Oh absolutely not, I don't need more violence and filth in my life. I only watch sophisticated, smart programs like Girls, Scandal, and House of Cards. Well, I actually haven't seen House of Cards yet but my coworkers said it was the best.

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I'm ordered it up last night! And by the way, I have a bachelors degree and am a suit and tie professional. :)

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