Worst kept secret in sports entertainment? WWE Channel is coming to Apple TV, of course!

WWE Network getting its own Apple TV channel

It looks like the World Wrestling Entertainment Network is indeed coming to the Apple TV The WWE Network was announced back at CES, and at the time, WWE officials said it would be available on iOS, Android and Kindle, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox, Roku, as well as a connected media player that they weren't able to mention at the time — hint, hint — which, obviously, is going to be the Apple TV. The announcement was made in a Facebook comment that has since been removed, according to MacRumors:

In order to experience WWE Network on an Apple TV, you must have a second generation or later (black) Apple TV and be a WWE Network subscriber. Once WWE Network is available, you will be able to launch the WWE Netowrk app directly from your Apple TV. Let us know if you have further questions! Thank you.

The WWE Network is expected to launch on February 24, and a subscription will cost $9.99. Are you excited for the Apple TV to have a dedicated WWE channel, and will you be signing up? Let us know in the comments.

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Reader comments

Worst kept secret in sports entertainment? WWE Channel is coming to Apple TV, of course!


Super excited for this! Us wrestling fans have waiting a long time for something better than YouTube. Every PPV on Demand! I cannot wait!

Man, I would've been all over this [before kids], but as it stands most of our entertainment purchasing is applied to the family sector of the entertainment world.
I would love to see more channels crop up on the Apple TV, but if each one of them follows a $10 monthly fee - I'd be better off paying for cable!

This isn't meant to be an alternative to cable, this is just them wanting total control of their product and channel. You can still watch Raw and Smackdown on TV without paying extra, I'm sure.

For $10 a month you won't find more content anywhere, if you're a wrestling fan this is what you've been waiting for FOREVER. They have been buying up tape libraries for the past 20 years. This was their end-game to make it worth the money and time invested.

That 2nd paragraph sums it all up perfectly. My younger brother, who is still crazy into WWE was on the fence about getting an appleTV for his room, but this pushed him over the edge on getting a WWE subscription & the AppleTV.......and now I'll get WWE network throughout the house on my other AppleTVs with his subscription to give me my late 80s-late 90s "WWF" fix. Snuka, Savage, Warrior, Demolition, LOD, Big Boss Man, Bam Bam...........can't wait!!!!

Yeah. I get it. That's why I said - If there hadn't been a fundamental shift in our family's entertainment focus, I'd probably be helping Mr. McMahon & family pad their wallets a little more.

With regard to my comment on the fee, it's simply an observance that this price point could be helping to establish a trend. There are a lot of people cutting the cord more and more and a lot of those people are looking to other services to get their entertainment fix. If a $10 monthly service fee becomes a "standard" we might see , if not all, channels offer their services at that some price point and even if you only wanted to subscribe to 3-4, that's $30-$40 extra on monthly expenditures for TV media consumption. I love the idea of more channels and I'm excited to see such a major entertainment company get behind the Apple TV like this, however with an eye a bit farther down the road, I think that the $10 tag might be a few dollars more expensive - Of COURSE, Mr. Vincent James McMahon is a shrewd business man... I expect it to change some time from now.

[And for the record... The ROCK! ... Is stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill... My favorite!]
[insert "peoples' eyebrow" here]

I smell what you're cooking.

But I think what makes $9.99 a value for WWE is the fact that for the cost of two PPVs, you get all 12 PPVs plus all the back catalogue. Maybe the HBOs and Shotimes could justify $10. I would think Disney would need to allow all three, plus ESPN.

But you are right. This a la carte we've all been waiting for will end up not being any cheeper, and while we will get more access to On Demand content, we will have "fewer" channels

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And not to mention access to all pay per views live or past is included! For me this more an pays that $9.99 monthly fee as we typically get 3-4 pay previews yearly!

US and its territories for now, other countries will be rolling out over the year

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I won't be jumping on it because I'm not a wrestling fan and never really have been, but considering the service includes ALL the PPVs, the $10 a month is a good value. If there were a few upcoming PPVs that interested me enough, I'd happily sign up to get them all for $120 a year vs $50+ each to the cable company.
How hard is it to unsubscribe? Pay for 1 month and watch the event, then cancel would be awesome! Lol.

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I was planning on signing up since they announced it. I was one of those people that would stream every ppv and maybe order wrestlemania. Now with this I can watch every ppv and enjoy some older shows 10 a month is such a steal. Especially since the network for a year is the same cost as 2 PPVs

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Vince deserves everything great that he had because of such brilliant strategies. Always the first to adapt and evolve.

Super stoked for this subscription. Was planning on signing up either so with this now being a dedicated channel for Apple TV makes it all the sweeter!!!

Get Wrestling of my SyFy channel and then we'll talk. The spelling changes to pronounce it with just S and F but it is still Science/Speculative Fiction. I know Dr. Sheldon Cooper will agree with me because of the logic behind it.

This is great news. I have been biting my nails on it a bit even though I knew it would eventually come to Apple TV. Hats off to the WWE for realizing the future of getting entertainment into our homes! Now if only college football would jump on the a la carte bus it would be by by cable and satellite at my house!

This is awesome news but if it didn't become a channel you can easily mirror the network from your IPad to the apple tv. But with it being a channel it will be true hd.