Amazon finally launches digital game and software downloads for Mac and Windows in the UK

In what seems a lifetime after the U.S. launch, Amazon UK has finally opened up their digital game and software download store for Mac and Windows. This finally means that UK based Amazon customers can purchase software in digital form, instead of waiting in at home to receive your package from the courier. While the selection of Mac downloads is much slimmer than for Windows, but there is still a good selection on offer.

Microsoft Office, a bunch of Adobe software, and a handful of paid games like Quake 4 and Assasins Creed: Brotherhood are all on offer, as is a smattering of free to play games. With the Mac App Store along with such other services like Steam and the Mac Game Store taking care of us in Amazon's absence though, Amazon is going to need to come out with some great deals on pricing to make it stand out above the rest. Anyone out there prefer to be getting their downloads from Amazon? If so, why?

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Richard Devine

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