iPhone Analyst vs. Magic 8 Ball

Stalwart Apple analyst Gene Munster is back, this time predicting the iPhone will hit multiple US carriers within an year -- specifically Verizon -- as well as expanded video offerings from iTunes -- including a subscription service akin to satellite or cable, and an updated Apple TV to go with it.

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Oh, and flying unicorns.

We joke. Slightly. Of course we want all these things too -- and more -- but we have a feeling that that's all there is to some of these analyst reports -- a bit of logical deduction combined with what any of us would want:

"For various reasons the company moved from an exclusive relationship with French wireless carrier Orange to a multi-carrier model," Munster said. "In France, the company now enjoys dramatically higher market share (in the 40 percent range vs. about 15 percent in ROW) than in countries with exclusive carrier agreements (such as AT&T in the U.S. where the iPhone has market share in the mid-teens). We believe Apple is seeing the increased unit sell-through more than offset the slightly (~10 percent) deteriorated economics per unit involved in non-exclusive agreements."

So, expect it only when you see it.