Apple has an Apple TV apps engineer

Apple has an Apple TV apps engineer, if LinkedIn is to be believed. What that means exactly is unknown -- maybe they simply engineered the built-in Netflix and YouTube apps -- but as MacRumors points out:

the internal view that the Apple TV is simply a collection of apps seems to be in line with future third-party expansion.

Since Apple TV (2010) is running iOS, it's probably not a question of whether or not it can run 3rd party apps, but whether or not Apple will open it up to running them.

Again, with AirPlay coming in iOS 4.2, the idea of starting up Angry Birds on my iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, streaming the video to 50+ inch TV, and using the device as a controller is just too good not to get done.


Rene Ritchie

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  • It seems so remarkable boneheaded that Apple is dragging its heels here. They have the OS and the SDK. All they need is a few extra controller APIs, create a suitable non-touch screen interface in a way similar to Front Row/Back Row and they would have a great stealth ninja set-top box.
    Sure would like to know why don't grab the market by the horns, they have almost all the pieces. Apple could make some bolder moves if they wanted to.
  • Their going to charge for a firmware upgrade. To support apps. Something like $20?
  • Next Apple invention: iHDTV, the first high-definition television with a touch screen!
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  • If ATV is really running iOS then the ATV will be jailbroken like the iPhone was and Cydia app will run wild on it. Till a year later when Apple takes all the credit for coming up with the ATV app store idea. If it wasnt for Jailbracking the iphone would still be web apps only and iPhone would not have been such a leader in the smart phone market. I just hate that I have to buy another ATV.
  • Am I the only one puzzled by that guy's post. He says he's an Intern, then he says he's an Engineer? I have a feeling he's inflating his importance there.
  • It's not a question of ATV running apps (it runs its native apps). It's a question of if and when Apple will open ATV for 3rd party developers. For the time being, Apple wants FULL CONTROL over what goes on ATV. Apple DOES NOT WANT competition from NBC/Hulu, et al. because Apple wants to pressure the content providers into accepting the 99-cent-per-TV-show-rental deal. As long as Apple intends to push that model, they WILL NOT open ATV up for 3rd party developers of any kind. How long will that take? Potentially more than one year. Think about how long Apple held the line on 99-cent-per-song download purchases in the iTunes store, before changing both the DRM and the pricing policies on music. In addition, AFAIK, we haven't even seen how much internal flash memory is in ATV -- which would be crucial to find out in relation to its potential for apps, since ATV doesn't store any media content locally anymore.
  • What if the games are streamed/stored from your Mac/PC. Makes sense if you photos, music, movies are streamed, why not apps.
  • Hmmm...on second thoughts that would mean that a Mac/PC is mandatory for apps which wouldn't be the best idea afterall.
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