Apple CFO Speaks: iPhone 3GS Still Selling Out, No Apple DVR

Apple Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Peter Oppenheimer, spoke with analyst Robert Cihara of Caris & Company recently, and according to AppleInsider, revealed the following:

  • Apple is still struggling to meet to demand for the iPhone 3GS, and with China coming on board soon, that may be a longer term problem (it was still sold out when I checked a couple of local (Canadian) places last week).
  • There's no plans for an Apple TV that would record cable or satellite as it doesn't fit Apple's current business plans (though one may wonder if there is, still and in fact, a plan for the "hobby" Apple TV device?)

Caris further predicted 27 million iPhones would be sold in 2009. Exciting number, that.

Rene Ritchie

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