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Apple Magic Trackpad/Magic Slate coming at WWDC? Make a nifty Apple TV controller?

Could WWDC 2010 finally bring the Magic Trackpad/Magic Slate -- essentially a large, flat surface with iPhone/iPad-like capacitive multitouch input -- to the Mac? Whether it will support the full range of gestures that the iPhone and iPad do, or the currently more limited range supported by the Magic Mouse and new Mac Book Pro trackpads is unknown.

Rumors of the Magic Trackpad/Magic Slate date as far back as the Magic Mouse last October, and while this leak (if real) means we might actually see it soon, it would also mean Apple takes time away from their even more iPhone-centric WWDC 2010 to focus on Mac peripherals it today. And if they do, will new Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and MacBook Air come with it?

And before anyone asks -- no idea if it will pair via Bluetooth to an iPad or iPhone running iPhone OS 4. But it sure would make a nifty lower-cost next generation Apple TV controller...

A couple more pics after the break!


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Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • A couple months ago when the magic mouse came out I made a thread about a mulitouch keyboard. Everyone shot me down saying things along the lines of " what am I gonna do , press two keys at once ". Look who's laughing down.
    This looks just like apples current keyboard without keys. I would get one.
  • Apple has put a lot of R & D in touch technology so this device makes complete sense. Like Matt Drance said, Steve Jobs is like Wayne Gretzky - they go to where the puck will be not where it's been. Touch is where the puck is going.
  • Wonder if this is why the iPad was never called the iSlate like everyone though it would be? hmmm
  • This won't pair with the iPad or iPhone. Track pads still use a pointer, something neither device support.
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