Want to run Windows 10 on your Mac? Rejoice, Boot Camp 6 is here!

Apple's Boot Camp—the utility that allows for dual-booting on a Mac—now supports Windows 10. The support requires Boot Camp 6 on OS X Yosemite and a Mac from 2012 or later, and allows for drivers to be updated via Apple Software Update or the Boot Camp Assistant.

Boot Camp 6 makes the following Mac features available to Windows 10:

  • USB 3
  • USB-C on the MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015)
  • Thunderbolt
  • built-in SD or SDXC card slot
  • built-in or USB Apple SuperDrive
  • your Apple keyboard, trackpad, and mouse

As always, to use Windows 10 in Boot Camp, you'll need a valid license from Microsoft and a copy of Windows 10 in ISO format. (You can use Disk Utility to make one from a DVD or USB drive.)

If you're unfamiliar with the aforementioned process, we've got you covered with a neat guide to get you started.

Apple has also provided technical support information on Apple.com

Rich Edmonds