What you need to know

  • Three original Apple movies reportedly have theatrical release dates.
  • The films include The Banker, The Elephant Queen, and Hala.
  • The same films will be available on Apple TV+ following their theatrical run.

Not long after a report claimed Apple was planning to release some movies in theaters before hitting Apple TV+, Variety has even more details on the company's plans.

Apparently, Apple has set release dates for The Banker, Hala, and The Elephant Queen, the latter of which will be in theaters on October 18 and then stream on Apple TV+ in November. The Elephant Queen apparently premiered in New York this week to "great fanfare," according to Variety.

The Banker stars Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson as real estate and finance moguls, respectively, in the Jim Crow era. The film hits theaters on December 6 and is expected to be an award contender.

Finally, Variety reports Hala, about a young Muslim girl "reconciling her family traditions with modern high school life," will be released in theaters on November 22. The film is expected to hit Apple TV+ the following month.

Apparently, Apple is attempting to forge a relationship with NATO, the trade group that represents major theater chains, in an attempt to release its original content in theaters on a regular basis. One source said Apple doesn't want to be like Netflix, which has a contentious relationship with theater owners.

Variety reports Apple wants to release On the Rocks, a film starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, early next year after first premiering at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival.

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