Apple TV product design lead Ben Keighran is leaving Apple

Ben Keighran, a leader of the design team for the Appel TV, will be leaving the company. Keighran joined Apple four years ago after the company purchased his search startup, Chomp. Keighran had apparently been spending the last couple of years managing the look and feel of the recently-released Apple TV.

From Re/code:

Keighran said he spent the last three years overseeing the look and feel of the software on the new Apple TV — a $149 box that lets users watch Web video on their TV. He said that software also incorporates part of Chomp, the search startup he co-founded and sold to Apple in 2012. Cathy Edwards, Keighran's co-founder at Chomp, left Apple two years ago.

Keighran says that the decision to leave was very difficult. He's looking to start something new in the near future.

Source: Re/code

Joseph Keller

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