Apple TV Jailbreak via greenp

Prominent iOS hacker and Chronic-Dev Team member p0sixninja has tweeted a picture of an Apple TV jailbroken via Greenpios0n.

"Credits go to @nitoTV, @dhowett, and @westbaer for the awesome AppleTV loader"

Previously, the Apple TV had already been jailbroken using the SHAtter exploit, but had absolutely no 3rd party app support. We aren't sure of when this will be released, or if it'll be as easy as the current Greenpois0n jailbreak for iPhone or iPad, but at least we know the effort is moving forward -- and in a substantial way. Likewise, no information has been released on how 3rd party apps will be run, though the "inject method" shown in the picture is tantalizing to say the least.

However, we're pretty sure that -- given how quickly the team moves on this kind of thing -- we'll be seeing a release in the near future. Maybe with a planned release date announced in the interim, as they did with 10/10/10?

In the meantime, is a Jailbroken Apple TV something you're looking forward to? If so, what's the main reason?

[@p0sixninja, thanks Anthony for the tip!]

by Andrew Wray

IM Staff

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  • Just how Cydia pushed apple to evolve the original iPhone, I feel as if the jailbreak scene will almost force apple to speed up the process of getting apps out, and making the appletv more useful. That's what I'm looking forward to, cause at 99 dollars, this can be a huge hit
  • Dangit, I checked to make sure this wasnt posted yet and I posted this in the forums.
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to apps on the tv. Could be interesting. Such as playing a quick game without having to turn on the gaming console and reaching for the controller. Launching other media enabled apps on the tv would be really great too.
  • A full web browser would be nice too.
  • Playing all video formats would be great.
  • I just can't wait for a jailbroken phone, so I can have my HuluPlus content in one device....
  • @Magnus I think that only makes it better for everyone that you're hustling in the forums. I wouldn't worry about it :D
  • Bought and apple tv Monday pretty much for its future jailbreak potential. If someone could think of a great way of bridging device to apple tv UI implementation (ie: use a touch device as the touchpad, Bluetooth support for controllers {dualshock, PS move!}, etc....) it could be bigger deal than Ron Burgundy!
  • absolutely excited about this!! All I want it to do is be able to stream my MKV and AVI Library, I am currently building clients based on the nvidia ION platform because its the cheapest way but those are about $180-$250 per client, if this can do it for $99 I will so happy!!
  • I don't live in America anymore, and would be great if i could abuse my netflix account at where i am now, please make it possible, for me and the rest of my ppl. thanks
  • I don't want a stupid web browser. WebTV died for a good reason. I just want to be able to stream other video formats, and AirVideo can do that quite well.
    I also want MKV to just go away and die, but that probably won't happen, sooo....
  • Web tv was great bit died for other reasons. No hd screen or drive at the time being one reason.
    I would love to have a reason to get this and though it is cheap, it is not worth it at the moment to me.
  • As others have said, if jailbreak allows other more popular video formats to play, I'm all over this.
  • The inject method does seem tantalizing.. lol I don't care what anyone says I like a browser I don't have to get off my couch to use. But I have been waiting for this!
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