Prominent iOS hacker and Chronic-Dev Team member p0sixninja has tweeted a picture of an Apple TV jailbroken via Greenpios0n.

"Credits go to @nitoTV, @dhowett, and @westbaer for the awesome AppleTV loader"

Previously, the Apple TV had already been jailbroken using the SHAtter exploit, but had absolutely no 3rd party app support. We aren't sure of when this will be released, or if it'll be as easy as the current Greenpois0n jailbreak for iPhone or iPad, but at least we know the effort is moving forward -- and in a substantial way. Likewise, no information has been released on how 3rd party apps will be run, though the "inject method" shown in the picture is tantalizing to say the least.

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However, we're pretty sure that -- given how quickly the team moves on this kind of thing -- we'll be seeing a release in the near future. Maybe with a planned release date announced in the interim, as they did with 10/10/10?

In the meantime, is a Jailbroken Apple TV something you're looking forward to? If so, what's the main reason?

[@p0sixninja, thanks Anthony for the tip!]

by Andrew Wray

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