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What you need to know

  • Apple TV+ has shared seven different *Doug Unplugs" trailers to YouTube.

Apple TV+ has shared no fewer than seven new trailers for Doug Unplugs, its kids show that follows a robot as it goes about learning how humans do all kinds of things.

The trailers follow Doug as he learns what an adventure is, what a farm is for, and how beaches work among other things. combined there are more than 20 minutes of footage to take in and more than enough to suggest that Doug Unplugs might be a good watch for little ones and big ones alike.

Doug is a young robot who senses there's more to life than just the facts. While other robots plug in for their daily download, Doug unplugs and journeys into the human world with his best friend Emma to experience its wonders firsthand.

It's dinner time! Emma teaches Doug and his bot family about dining at a restaurant.

Doug and Emma head to the farm to meet Doug's Nana and Grandbot.

Doug learns all about imagination. You have to pretend, not plug in!

When a little duck loses his way, Doug and Emma try to help him find his way back home.

Emma shows Doug all of the fun adventures that are in store when you go on a vacation.

When things don't compute, Doug unplugs and asks Emma why people go to the beach.

Emma teaches Doug how to have fun by playing lots of different games.

You'll need an App;e TV+ or Apple One subscription to enjoy Doug Unplugs and the many more shows available one the streaming service.

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