Apple TV software update reportedly dropping with iOS 7 on September 18

One thing that wasn't discussed, at all, during the iPhone event yesterday in Cupertino, was the Apple TV. Recent days have seen reports emerge that claim an update is on the way, and according to AllThingsD, that is still the case:

People familiar with the company’s plans say Apple TV is scheduled for an internal overhaul on September 18th, the same day Apple releases its iOS 7 mobile operating software.

One important new feature being rumored for the update is the ability to play content you've bought from iTunes on someone else's Apple TV in an improvement to the AirPlay system. You'll be able to tell the Apple TV to play content you own directly from the cloud, without needing to be logged in to that Apple TV.

Apple might not have talked about it publicly, but we love our Apple TVs so we're always excited to hear of potential new features being added. U.S. owners will also soon get access to the new iTunes Radio service from Apple, scheduled to launch with iOS 7 on September 18.

If we're due a software update, though, what would you like to see the most?

Source: AllThingsD

Richard Devine

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