Catch today's WWDC 2014 keynote live on your Apple TV!

As in previous years, you'll be able to catch todays WWDC 2014 keynote streamed live on your Apple TV. Apple's dedicated events channel is once again back for the big event complete with a note on when to check back to watch the whole thing live – hint, 10 a.m. Pacific is when you'll need to be around!

We already knew that the keynote would be streamed live online, but we'll always admit to being partial to watching it unfold on the biggest screen we've got access to! If you're free in the run up to the keynote, the events channel has keynote presentations of old to re-watch and reminisce over while you're waiting – patiently or otherwise!

Of course, iMore is on the ground in San Francisco throughout the bring you the absolute very best that WWDC 2014 has to offer. If you're not able to watch it live online or on the Apple TV then fear not, we'll be firing up the liveblog machine to help get you through!

So come on then, who's excited?!

Richard Devine

Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy. Follow him on Twitter and Google+