CBS All Access is now available in Apple TV Channels

CBS All Access

What you need to know

  • You can now subscribe to CBS All Access in Apple TV Channels.
  • You'll pay for it through your Apple account.
  • And everything will show up in your Apple TV app.

CBS All Access (opens in new tab) — a standalone streaming service that includes much of the network's catalog along with a number of standout exclusive shows — now lives inside Apple TV Channels. That means you can subscribe to the service from your Apple TV, have Apple handle the billing, and all the programming will be available right inside the Apple TV app.

You'll get a free one-week trial before the plan kicks in at the $9.99 level, which also gets rid of advertising. After that, you'll have access to everything within CBS All Access.

You'll also have access to offline viewing, which can be handy for devices like iPhones and iPads. (But probably won't be a thing if you're watching on an Apple TV.

One more benefit? Because it's being shown through Apple TV Channels, you don't have to bother with the CBS All Access app. So there's that.

CBS All Access is home to shows like Strange Angel, The Twilight Zone, Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming Star Trek: Picard.

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  • I know it means nothing to CBS, but I won't give them a penny the way they are trying to kill Star Trek with "Discovery".
  • Yeah, any Star Trek that isn't TOS or NG is a pretender and it should be destroyed. Discovery was great. And worth the subscription to binge.
  • No, I actually don't really like TOS as much tbh, TNG/Voy/DS9/Ent are great. The TOS *movies* are good too. I'd take TOS for all it's non-retconned slips over Discovery any day. Discovery is trash and belongs in the trash like everything trying to be woke just to be woke. Let alone Star Trek doesn't count it the same because it's 25% different by contract.