Comic: The Five Stages of Apple TV

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: The Five Stages of Apple TV

Discovery tik tap tik wait- i cant use a bluetooth keyboard to set it up?

Frustration crunch but that is my icloud password

Compromise ha ha ha ha ha ha fine! WHATEVER! ill change my password to "password" UNTIL apple adds back keyboard support.

Enjoyment toot toot the farting pigeon in crossy road is all i have the energy for

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Rich Stevens

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  • You put the iCloud password in on the phone during set up. Another major fail. Sent from the iMore App
  • It still blows my mind that bluetooth keyboards are not supported. I would love to hear the excuse behind that one. I've used an Apple bluetooth keyboard with my other Apple TVs. I got the Apple TV 4 hooked up and nothing, not even the remote app on the watch or iphone work. Sadness and many extra minutes of scroll typing ensued
  • Have to think this will be fixed. Especially since web browser apps seem like a no brainer Sent from the iMore App
  • HAHA this was exactly how i felt after trying the password.. exhausted smh
  • I thought we only had to see these comics on the weekends, everyone comments that they are horribly unfunny. So iMore gives us more? Why not listen to the reason the site is here, the readers.
  • I hate these comics and I wish they would so go away, they are not funny at all.
  • May I ask why you click the article, read the comics and post a comment? Surely if you dislike these comics so much you'd just scroll past them. It's really not that hard. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm hopeful that one day I read one that's actually funny. Unfortunately that day isn't today. I'm not full of negativity like you, I do have hope in my heart and I read the comics with hope that this time I'll enjoy it. It's not my fault that they are all poorly written.
  • You literally said "I hate these comics and wish they'd go away". Yet I'm the one full of negativity? Personally I enjoy coming to read these. Some are funny others aren't. But you wished they would go away. That doesn't sound like someone with hope they will improve. That sounds like someone who has lost hope that they will improve and would prefer to see them go away.
  • What I meant was I wish the bad ones would go away. And the reason I said you're negative is because you're basically saying that if I don't like a couple of the comics, I should give up on the entire thing. But I'd rather look at the cup as half full rather than half empty, and I continue reading them with the hope that they will get better.
  • The humor is, shall we say, "gentle." If you don't like the beautiful pixel art and character design, however, you have no soul.
  • Set up your Apple TV using your iPhone, problem solved.
  • I agree with Mrdevali - marginally funny at best and just not that good.
  • i also don't find them incredibly funny either. but many of you probably don't understand how hard it can be to create something funny with a given topic. also, if he'd just make comics about common apple jokes, you'd complain as well because they wouldn't be original... complaining is easy. why don't you apply as an author?
  • As for complaining, that is what we - the audience - are supposed to do. We aren't here to appreciate the effort, we are here to be amused. I know that, because that is what people who write comics want to have happen. If they fail, we shouldn't placate them, we should tell them the truth. You don't brush off a bad movie because it's hard to create one. You don't forgive a poor song because you couldn't write one. So why should we let poor comics slide for either of those reasons?
  • and if you break the remote, you got to buy a new one (expensive) because the remote app is not compatible with new Apple TV!
  • My is working just fine...
  • TMBG reference. Sold.
  • I don't have a new AppleTV yet, so I take the TMBG reference as pure gold!
  • TMBG are awesome, and I'm glad they're still appreciated after all this time. I bought their "Here Come the ABC's", "Here Come the 123's", and "Here Comes Science" DVD's for the little ones. The oldest is just about at the age where she'll appreciate them.
  • i think it is so true of apple to get the big things right but forget the little things sometimes.
    like Bluetooth keyboards and making sure the remote apps actually works
  • Can you use the keyboard on the remote app? Sent from the iMore App
  • Great comic! For the negative commenters, let us know a few comics you think are funny.
  • I'm really quite glad my ATV3 totally meets my needs right now.
  • Comics, may be a misnomer. How about sarcastic wit.