Is Apple planning a larger, touch-screen enabled remote control to go along with a next generation Apple TV? Boy Genius' tipster, the same one who leaked iTunes 9 app organization and social integration, says yes indeed. And if the image above is accurate, one of the updates will be -- Safari. (No sign of Apps yet, though...)

Would this really be a lower-cost option to something like the Remote App for iPhone and iPod touch, which could conceivably do anything a dedicated remote could do and more? (Actually, adding Bluetooth to an Apple TV for more persistent, don't have to wait for WiFi to reconnect, iPhone remote would be even better!)

Along those lines, we don't see Apple investing this much in a single-purpose remote control, even if it can control Macs, docked iPods, etc. as well, given what they're doing with the iPhone platforms, but stranger things have happened.

You want?