FireCore has updated its aTV Flash (Black) software to RC1, which adds a number of new features including a new grid view browsing mode, subtitle related improvements and most importantly, a huge list of performance and playback related improvements.

If you’re already running a version of aTV Flash (black) on your Jailbroken Apple TV, the new RC1 version can be installed through the Maintenance –> Manage Extras menu on your Apple TV. If you want to run it, you will need to jailbreak your Apple TV first. Luckily FireCore also released an upated version of its Seas0nPass Apple TV (Black) jailbreak which now supports fimware versions 4.4, 4.41and 4.4.2. So you are all set.

If you get stuck and need any help, don’t forget you can always visit our Apple TV forum!

Source: FireCore

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