Remember a few months ago when the Internet went crazy over Google Chrome keeping your saved passwords in plain text? Our advice, like that of many, was to use a third-party app like 1Password instead, but Google now at least is doing something about it. As described by Francois Beaufort on Google+:

There is a new experimental flag in the last Chromium Build for Mac that you might be interested in.

Once you've enabled the chrome://flags/#enable-password-manager-reauthentication flag, user who's trying to reveal a plain text password in chrome://settings/passwords will be prompted to reauthenticate with the User Mac OS password.

When you are authenticated, you won't need to reauthenticate anymore for one minute.

Chromium is the bleeding, bleeding edge, so it isn't yet ready for the mainstream. But hooking access to your passwords in to your system password on your Mac is as good a way as any to protect them. Ultimately, it would be better if there were no plain text versions of your passwords available at all, but it's a start.

Does this help? Or, like us, are you still more comfortable relying on a third-party security app?

Source: +Francois Beaufort