Google TV cometh [the competition]

Apple just launched the second edition of Apple TV, Microsoft has Media Center, and now it's Google's turn with Google TV. Logitech launches their vision soon, as does Sony, so once again it's Apple's integrated model against Google's de-coupled software, and only consumer choice can win.

To make their case for your living room eyeballs, Google has set up a new site, and it looks... well, I can't tell because it's in Flash but here's the friendlier version and that looks great. While Apple hasn't (yet?) seen fit to give us apps (or a browser) on our iOS Apple TV's, the Android-based Google TV has them out the gate. (Though like every similar service, there's likely to be much less available outside the US.)

This is serious competition from a serious competitor, is Apple TV 2010 enough for now or does Apple have to iterate faster now?

[Android Central]

Rene Ritchie

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