RemoteSource: Rene Ritchie/iMore

What you need to know

  • HBO said this week that it was pulling streaming services from older Apple TVs.
  • It's had a change of heart.
  • There's a reprieve, but not a long one.

After saying earlier this week that it was dropping support for older Apple TVs, HBO has now had a change of heart. You'll now get a little longer to upgrade to something more recent.

HBO originally said that 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs would lose access to HBO Go and HBO Now as of April 30th, but according to a report by Engadget, that's no longer the case. Although those hoping for a long reprieve are going to be disappointed.

An HBO spokesperson told Engadget that HBO Now will remain on 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TVs until May 15th and that HBO Go will be available for "a few additional months." The spokesperson said that HBO made the decision to extend support "to provide impacted users more time to make any necessary updates."

So anyone with an old Apple TV doesn't have long to pick up something a little newer. Assuming HBO is still something people watch "Game of Thrones" has finished!