iOS apps can be installed on Apple TV, they just can't be launched (yet?)

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered that you can install iOS apps on the new iOS Apple TV, you just can't launch them yet because Apple TV lacks the capacity to do so.

So, not only is the AppleTV set up for installing applications (of UIDeviceFamily 3), but the installation actually works

Of course, adding that capability will no doubt be high on the jailbreak to-do list... if Apple themselves don't do it first. (Fingers crossed).

[@stroughtonsmith via Gizmodo]

Rene Ritchie

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  • That's cool. I can imagine racing games on the Apple Tv. With a idevice as the controller.
  • More info here.
  • I think that the Apps will be streamed just like everything else on the new Apple TV.
  • As long as I can stream my videos (AVIs) from my PC, Im happy...
  • iOS 5.0 next year maybe?????
  • Awesome, if done officially.
  • apple tv its useless i dont see how is that anything interesting to waste 100 bucks on it, just wast 20 bucks on an hdmi
  • @Mitchell racing games on a TV is real already. It's called XBOX 360, Wii, or PS3 lol. No iOS controller but much better graphics.
    I don't see the excitement for apps right now. Until special Aple TV apps are created all the iOS device apps are useless. I don't want to have them be played on the TV and controlled on the phone. If I am going to go that far might as well play my XBOX 360.
  • @Brian So what of people have game consoles. Maybe they love there iPhone games sutch as Angry Birds and wanna play it on the big screen
  • If the appletv had larger storage and 512mb ram... I could see it being a game console. Right now, I can see apple adding a weather app through an iOS update. Lol
  • @Keil, you mean THE weather app? The one they haven't updated EVER?! Ha!
  • I think apple might make a gaming console one day..
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