iOS 5 shows evidence of 1080p video, will it come to iPad and Apple TV?

If you have an iPad running iOS 5, it looks like you can now sync 1080p videos. Previously, iTunes would refuse to sync 1080p video to iPad, and it still won't sync to an iPhone or iPod touch. However, since the Apple TV also runs iOS, could we be seeing support for 1080p in the near future? Will iTunes begin to support 1080p movies? Will our bandwidth?

A string has also been spotted in the iOS 5 SDK which seems to allow 1080p video-exporting to iMovie, Photos and third-party apps. Does this confirm the rumour that the iPhone 5 will have a 8MP camera which may support 1080p video recording? May the iPad 3 get a better camera too?

What do you think?

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