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Make your iPad look like a MacBook Pro with Brydge, a new Bluetooth keyboard on Kickstarter

There are several good Bluetooth keyboard options for the iPad but the Brydge is simply cool. It aims to make your iPad look like a MacBook Pro, complete with aerospace-grade, anodized aluminum, and optional stereo speakers. Brydge connects to the iPad using a special hinge that "clicks-in" and provides almost 180 degrees of rotation. That means your iPad will be held securely, and at just the perfect angle for you to view it.

s it just us, or does it feel like the options for iPad keyboards and accessories are excessive in quantity, yet lacking in quality? This is why we created Brydge, which simply transforms your iPad into a laptop worthy of Apple.This idea of turning your iPad into a high quality laptop seemed obvious to us and we were shocked when we could not find any accessory that accomplished this. So we set out to make such a product from the highest quality materials that would compliment your iPad perfectly.

The project is on Kickstarter now, so if this is the iPad Bluetooth keyboard look you've been dreaming about, head on over and get with the backing!

Source: Kickstarter

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    A well-executed presentation. It's an asstounding piece.
  • Hehe, this had to be posted by a girl. Tip: if you want men to look at the keyboard, don't put it next to a woman's behind.
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  • this makes the ipad the poor man's macbook, which is a good thing, and yes great job on the picture, you had me at bu.....
  • The rich man's netbook?
  • If you focus and look closely, she's holding some sort of a machine on her hand
  • you know what i actually came to this because of that picture
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  • Am I the only one that notices the irony, normally the pictures on iMore are either humorous or very beautiful photos of idevices with everyhting else blurred into the background to help iterate the product...
  • Interesting picture grab.
    Nice case..hope it has Bluetooth 4.0
  • for the actual PRODUCT...
    Looks nice... I still think too many people are trying to make the iPad something it's not, nor intended to be. $210 is ridiculous, though. One of these cases plus a 64GB 4G iPad and you're at MBA prices. Stop it.
  • It's a fair point that you raise. However, I suspect that the reason that people are trying to make the iPad into more than it's supposed to be has to do with the shortcomings of traditional laptops.
    The inability to easily and inexpensively purchase data coverage that follows your laptop around is a challenging limitation. iPads have this ability. I don't own a Mac but the iPad also has apps unlike any other platforms with which I am familiar. It has a higher quality camera. It has a touch screen. It has the ability to function without a keyboard if one would like.
    That's the device that most people or many people prefer. So they want to bridge the gap between that device and the traditional laptop that they wish had the same features and more.
  • Very reasonable points.
    I only say that it's a reach because I agree with Steve's idea as far as what the iPad was designed and created to do: email, web surfing, games, apps, books, etc. Then again, I'm also speaking as an owner of a MBA and a MBP. I use my devices for their individual strengths - Pro is mostly at home, the Air is for when I want more portability, but know I'll be doing some work, and my iPad is the portable media machine and web machine. It's never replaced any aspect of my laptop - if anything, it has relegated my phone to strict communication device/camera status. But then, like I said, that's what works for ME, and I understand that.
    I just get tired of unfair reviews - praise and criticism - for iPads and their anything associated with them, and I feel that "accessories" such as this can mislead some users - particularly those who may be deciding between an iPad and what many people seem to want to turn the iPad into, a MacBook Air - into thinking iPads can magically transform into something they are never capable of being, simply by adding an expensive keyboard. Other than how much money someone will have spent overall, they're coming out on the short end.
  • I'm not going to be the one to break from the stereotype. I noticed the same thing you all did. Goodness. I sure hope that wasn't an iMore staffer. This could get messy.
    After a few looks, I finally noticed a few other things. Was that paint staining her hand? Were those brushes in her hands? What was the message there?
    Was it some Jobsian message about "artists?"
  • You all do know, that it's Rene in the picture not Georgia!!
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  • Am I the only one who cringed at the way she is holding that?
  • I prefer the Logitech one.
  • borat voice very nice
  • Design-wise, this seems to be much better than the Logitech keyboard, but it's also twice the price. I love the hinge, but it's too expensive for an accessory that probably won't fit whatever iPad Apple releases next year.
  • The LogiTech version appears to support both landscape and portrait orientation... that could be a big plus, along with its comparative pricepoint. You bring up a great point about compatibility with future devices, though...
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    Second, this thing looks cool, but its going to cost to much.
    for $150 to $175 I can do a lot more things with my money.
    The price needs to be $99.00 or less or this is an instant fail due to price.
    Unless you have money to burn,
    normal people with half a brain wont buy it.
  • No one followed the link to the project?
    There is even a FAQ about it on the page... if you watch the video, the picture is a capture from it.
  • This is cool, but a little over the top. The stereo speakers are optional, and add the extra cost. If you need a keyboard, there are great products out there that cost less. I like the ability to have the iPad in portriat, or landscape when typing. I have a rechargeable keyboard, that last a long time between charges, but there are times when I like to use the iPad by itself. The Brydge looks to be a great product, but I have to agree with others, at the combined cost of both, get the Air, or a laptop, or to be honest. Wait until Apple puts out the new suped up MBP with Retina screen.
  • Just a little FYI. That isn't Georgia in the picture. It's actually part of the video on kick starter...but I guess people didn't get that far into the post.
  • A bit pricey but would LOVE the product.
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  • Great collection. Just the kind of inspiration I'm looking for right now.
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  • Woo is so cool , I really comes very handy for school and job , I would love to have one