itunes lp on apple tv

It still baffles us how iTunes LP and iTunes Extras content -- which was introduced in the seemingly Apple TV-ideal 720p format -- wasn't compatible with the new Apple TV 3.0 software to begin with. In fact, we've gotten Wall-E with iTunes Extras to play on our Apple TV already. But according to Apple, it's now really for real compatible...

With the latest versions of iTunes (9.0.2) and Apple TV software (3.0), you can now use iTunes Extras on your Apple TV. We have updated iTunes Extras that were included with the movie Wall-E so that they can now be viewed on Apple TV in addition to your Mac or PC. It is available for you to download now, free of charge.

So begins an email Apple sent out to iTunes LP and iTunes Extras purchasers today, which follows up with download and update instructions. (And even a knowledge base article -- Updating iTunes Extras and iTunes LP content for your Apple TV).

We're downloading that new

Still, we're left to wonder -- where's the love for iPhone users, Apple? Could it be you're prepping a new interface for them for iPhone 3.2? We'll wait -- if it's worth it!