Master your Mac with Keyboard Maestro for only $20!

Your Mac computer is one smart cookie. It can be customized depending on whatever work you use it for — but despite all the improvements each MacOS update brings, certain shortcuts and features may never be practical for you because… Hey, they just don't work well for you!

AKA: it's not you, it's me.

While certain shortcuts may be useful for you, others can be cumbersome and detrimental to your workflow. If you're editing through a thousand wedding photos and need to switch screens with a quick tap of the mouse between Photoshop and the Photos app, but there are 14,000 steps in the way of doing so, your efficiency will soon be tossed out the window.

Creating and customizing your own macro shortcuts can not only help with your workload but also improve your overall Mac experience, which is why Keyboard Maestro is such a great option to consider if you're looking to transform your Mac keyboard into a reliable workspace!

Keyboard Maestro works by recording custom macro shortcuts specifically for you and your Mac computer. With it, you can open documents in an instant, switch between apps with the tap of your trackpad, control and manipulate web applications, type full sentences by hitting a single key, and so much more: you just need to think of the perfect shortcut.

Normally a program that lets you do so much – like track macro stats to see which custom shortcut you use most – will cost you close to $40, but with iMore's Digital Offers, you'll only be spending $19.99! You'll end up saving around 44% on your total deal if you want to spring for the Keyboard Maestro.

With this program, say goodbye to lost production time and struggling with your dozens of important documents. Keyboard Maestro aims to keep your Mac and your mind decluttered and easy to navigate. After all, being comfortable with your computer is one thing, but customizing your Mac to fit your workflow is where it's at!

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