Metro: Last Light first person shooter headed to Mac Sept. 10th

Ukrainian video game developer 4A Games announced on Tuesday via Twitter its first person shooter Metro: Last Light is headed to Mac on September 10, 2013. It'll be available for purchase through the Steam game service. The company also said a Linux version is in development.

Metro: Last Light is sequel to a game influenced by Russian sci-fi author Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033, a story set in Russia after a nuclear holocaust. What's left of humanity survives in the Moscow subway system.

Squarely in the survival horror genre, the Metro games have you trying to survive an onslaught of hideous mutants that have arisen since the nuclear apocalypse. You assume the role of a survivor named Artyom as you make your way through the tunnels of the Moscow Metro on the still-irradiated surface above, fighting mutants, the forces of a neo-Nazi movement and others on your way to find the last remaining Dark One.

This is no ordinary run-and-gun shooter. You have to measure the use of your ammunition carefully, especially away from populated areas, as you fight off hideous mutants and other scavengers who would do you harm.

Metro: Last Light was released for PC and Xbox: 360 in May.

(Via Polygon)

Peter Cohen