MobileMe Calendar Beta Now Works with Microsoft Outlook

Preview the New MobileMe Calendar Beta

Apple has updated their MobileMe News with information on the the new Calendar beta that should make any Microsoft Outlook user happy:

Members using the new MobileMe Calendar beta can now view and edit their MobileMe calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 using MobileMe Control Panel v1.6.1. The functionality is available even if you're connected to a Microsoft Exchange server (Exchange calendar data is kept separate from MobileMe and can be viewed side-by-side on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC). To use Microsoft Outlook with the beta, follow theseinstructions.Also note that when using Outlook with the beta, support is not currently available for push calendar updates or for accessing your calendar via a proxy server (ask your organization's IT administrator if you're not sure about this). For more information on the MobileMe Calendar beta, please read this FAQ.

Like cats and dogs living together, or is anyone looking forward to trying this out?

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