Earlier today a financial analyst "reported" that Apple would be holding an Apple TV SDK event sometime in March. We didn't link to it because financial analysts have a lousy track record when it comes to Apple predictions, and whomever they're writing for, it's not media and it's not customers, and I couldn't think of a timely enough way to poke fun at it. However, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, who has an excellent track record on sorting accurate rumors from nonsensical rubbish, has weighed in.

No spoilers, tap/click on over.

Source: The Loop

(The only thing I'll add is that Apple appears to be continuing their channel partnership strategy when it comes to both the Apple TV and Siri, and while SDK and API can replace channel partnerships, they can seldom co-exist -- there are few deals to be brokered when anyone and everyone can make their own app.)