Save 50% off Parallels 11 and run Windows on your Mac

You're a Mac user and you wouldn't have it any other way. Well, except for when you need to run Windows applications.

The first thing you need is Parallels Desktop 11 software. This allows you to run Windows as a virtual machine on your Mac in such a way that many of the features of OS X and Windows 10 appear virtually interchangeable. Wouldn't it be great to be working on an Apple Pages document and use Cortana at the same time? Since Siri isn't available on Mac, having Cortana around is a significant advantage here. You can have that and much, much more with Parallels Desktop 11, and easily transition between apps no matter which system you are using. It's fast, versatile, and easier to use than ever before.

Right now, you can pick up Parallels Desktop 11 from iMore for only $39.00. You're saving 50% off the regular price! To take full advantage of this offer, add at least one additional deal to your cart before checking out and use the coupon code PARBUNDLE. There's no shortage of fantastic deals available on iMore today, so be sure to get this one into your cart and then browse the selection of great software and bundles in the store.

Some of the benefits you'll experience with Parallels Desktop 11 include:

  • Travel Mode: a temporary shut down of any services that are on the heavy usage side so that you don't run low on your battery when you're on the go.
  • Coherence Mode: you can see and use all of your Windows apps, but with the look of your OS X.
  • Increased processing power: each virtual machine can handle up to 64GB vRAM and 16 vCPUs.
  • Automatically tune in to what you use your Mac for the most: gaming, design, productivity...the sky's the limit.

With Parallels Desktop 11, you don't have to reboot your Mac in order to jump in and get to work. You can enjoy increased efficiency and system upgrades right away and work seamlessly between the best of both Mac and Windows worlds.

Get your hands on Parallels Desktop 11 for 50% off. Remember to use coupon code PARBUNDLE at checkout.

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