Plex's live TV guide grid is now on Apple TV

Plex on Apple TV

It's been about a month since Plex first unveiled its live TV guide grid — but that was only on the web. Today, it's available for Apple TV.

It's a simple enough affair — if you're watching live TV through Plex, you'll have access to a grid so you can see what's on now, and what's coming up. It's all powered by Gracenote, and damned if it isn't one of the better looking live grids we've seen in a while.

Here's the full changelog, if you're into that sort of thing:


  • Grid view guide for browsing DVR channels.
  • Support changing audio streams on Live TV, when available.


  • Couldn't modify recording policy for a TV Show where no episodes were scheduled for recording at the moment.
  • Fixed an issue preventing deleting items with an apostrophe in the title.
  • Fixed issue where some users with autologin would be set to the wrong server on startup.
  • Fixed playback of News from channels.
  • Trying to record all events for a sports team would result in an erroneous screen.
  • Hide incorrect error message when switching Live TV channels.
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  • "It's not easier to see what's on, and what's coming up." Surely you meant "It's now.." and not "It's not..."?
  • This website seems to have a lot of typos, but this one could really make you think that this article is criticizing the new grid layout, instead of praising it