Looks like Hulu Plus will be coming to Apple TV competitor Roku. There's already a Hulu Plus app for Apple's iPad, and while my deepest, darkest wish is that it will support AirPlay to beam content straight to Apple TV, past history (and its use of non-standard video controls) make me think it won't. And hey, even if by some miracle it does, just like Apple TV has built-in Netflix support, built-in support for Hulu Plus would be huge (no need to waste iPad resources and Wi-Fi bandwidth).

It would also nicely round out the ABC and FOX rentals with NBC shows, and add to the back catalog available on Netflix.

Powers that be, make it so. (And make it so outside the US as well while you're at it, okay?)

Update: TiVO is getting Hulu Plus as well [@

[TechCrunch, now owned by AOL]