Updated: Roku [and TiVo] getting Hulu Plus, can Apple TV have it too?

Looks like Hulu Plus will be coming to Apple TV competitor Roku. There's already a Hulu Plus app for Apple's iPad, and while my deepest, darkest wish is that it will support AirPlay to beam content straight to Apple TV, past history (and its use of non-standard video controls) make me think it won't. And hey, even if by some miracle it does, just like Apple TV has built-in Netflix support, built-in support for Hulu Plus would be huge (no need to waste iPad resources and Wi-Fi bandwidth).

It would also nicely round out the ABC and FOX rentals with NBC shows, and add to the back catalog available on Netflix.

Powers that be, make it so. (And make it so outside the US as well while you're at it, okay?)

Update: TiVO is getting Hulu Plus as well [@

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  • I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see hulu on appleTV any time soon. Apple wants you, and I, to rent or purchase that programming thru iTunes. I wonder what netflix had to give up to get onto the appleTV.
  • You wonder what Netflix had to give up? Seriously...Netflix didn't have to give up anything. AppleTV would be practically useless vs the competition without it. No one is going to pay $100 for a box that you then have to spend more money on just to get your shows. AppleTV needed Netflix more than Netflix needed it.
  • "Netflix didn’t have to give up anything." - yes they did. Netflix is now unable to rent new releases by certain studios. That's a fairly big concession to the studios.
    These are the same studios that have told Apple that $0.99 rentals "devalues" the content. Comedy Central even pulled stuff from Hulu, and Hulu's library has a lot of shows but LOTS of gaps in seasons.
  • Cool for Roku! I love my Roku, but I doubt I'll pay for Hulu Plus.
  • @Janey...that had nothing to do with getting on AppleTV. That was what the original user asked.
  • Roku is outclassing Apple TV in all manners. Step it up Steve.
  • Q: "...can Apple TV have it to?" A: No.
    - Apple wants NBC to agree to Apple's terms.
    - NBC does not want that.
    - Roku, ATV competitor, signs deal with NBC/Hulu.
    - So, no. It's called "competition."
  • I bought a Samsung TV that has all the apps on it and i tried Netflix at first, thinking its just a waste but nothing to loose with a 2 week trial. LOVE IT! Then I gave HULU a chance and... LOVE IT! I ended up canceling cable about a month ago, still have the local channels and upped my internet speed to 20Mbps. With all the subscription I still save around $45 and I watch now more TV. Most 1 hour shows are done in 42 minutes, and I get what I want, when I want it.
    I'm not a sport watching guy so I can do without ESPN or Comedy channel.
    My buddy works for Brighthouse here in Florida and he's telling me that subscription for faster internet is way up and cancellations of Cable is way down. They keep calling me and offering me 1 month of free cable and 12 months of reduced rate cable and internet to subscribe again. "No thank you, i got all the TV and Movies I can handle"
  • I have a modest dual core computer connected to my 42in Plasma. No content restrictions for me....Hulu free, Netflix and anything else I can find is all mine to watch. Why purchase a content restricted box when you can get ALL internet video streamed to your TV for just the cost of your internet connection ? Set Top Boxes will be niche products until content restrictions are eliminated.