SiriusXM updates its new Apple TV app with more of The Howard Stern Show

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SiriusXM — as in the satellite radio provider — has released "a new and improved app" for Apple TV. In addition to a new UI, it also features video from The Howard Stern Show, which broadcasts exclusively on SiriusXM.

You'll still need a subscription to SiriusXM, of course, and you'll need its Premier Streaming or All Access subscription to get ahold of all the Howard Stern, Robin, Fred and the Wack Pack your brain could possibly handle. But after that? It's Stern on your TV.

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Howard Stern Video from SiriusXM Comes to Apple TV

SiriusXM's new streaming experience is now available on Apple TV, delivering greater discovery, more intuitive recommendations and video from The Howard Stern Show

SiriusXM app is available on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation)

NEW YORK – February 22, 2019 – SiriusXM today announced that its new and improved app, which showcases a redesigned user experience, as well as SiriusXM Video from The Howard Stern Show, is now available on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th generation).

The SiriusXM app on Apple TV now matches the experience on subscribers' iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, and the web player on, which boasts capabilities that help users find more of what they like across SiriusXM's 200+ channels. SiriusXM's streaming subscribers will find it easier to navigate through categories and find shows, and the app's individualized "ForYou" recommendations make the next great piece of music, talk, news, entertainment or sports programming easier to discover.

Howard Stern video is presented on the SiriusXM app to make it easy to discover and view some of the best content from the King of All Media. Subscribers can now watch Howard Stern's full-length interviews with celebrity guests, highlighted show clips and show specials, and memorable musical performances from the Howard Stern studio, from both recent shows and deep in The Howard Stern Show archives. Tune in to The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM here:

Subscribers can also access SiriusXM's growing library of recorded On Demand content which features more than 5,000 hours of programming from across SiriusXM's varied music, entertainment, sports and talk channels, making it easier for listeners to listen to what they want, when they want it.

The SiriusXM Premier Streaming and SiriusXM All Access subscriptions include access to SiriusXM's streaming offering and Howard Stern video content.

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