Sling TV has a lot of channels to to choose from, each with its own library of shows and movies. If you find yourself unsure of what to watch when opening the app, a new "Recommended for You" feature is rolling out to help you find the perfect title.

Recommended for You can be found on the My TV page on Sling TV, and Sling describes it as follows:

[Recommended for You] will suggest live and on-demand shows, movies sports and news, based on the shows you watch the most. With this new ribbon, you'll spend less time scrolling through content and more time streaming your favorite shows. And don't worry, parents! The recommendations will also use any parental controls set up on the account, so you can have the peace of mind that your family won't be able to access locked content.

For now, Recommended for You is only available for "select Apple TV users". However, Sling does note that it'll expand to other devices "in the future."

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