Still using a standard keyboard? Worse yet, using a built-in keyboard? Time to upgrade for real. Black Friday is a great time to do it, too, because there are so many great options. Check out this sale from Das Keyboard featuring some amazing Mac-compatible mechanical keyboards down to super low prices.

You can get the Das Keyboard Model S professional mechanical keyboard for Mac for as low as $95.20 in this sale. That's $25 off its regular price. You could also get the Das Keyboard 4 on sale for $135.20. Not only is that a huge drop from its regular $169 price, it's the lowest price we've seen on Amazon in more than a year.

Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard for Mac | 20% off

The Das Keyboard mechanical keyboards are some of the most professionally built, feature-rich mechanical keyboards out there. They have great, tactile keys that feel good to the touch and lots of extra features including multimedia controls. Plus, a couple models are on sale for Black Friday.

The Model S uses German-engineered mechanical switches. You can choose between Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Blue at this price. It has laser-etched key caps that won't fade and special media keys that let you adjust brightness, volume, play/pause, and more. It has two USB 2.0 ports that allow you to sync and charge your iPhone and other USB compatible devices. Five-key rollover means it won't leave behind keys if you're a fast typer.

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The Das Keyboard 4 is also designed to work with Mac and has keys specific to that function. On the product page you can choose between Cherry MX Brown or Blue mechanical switches. There's also an option with Cherry MX Brown switches that has blank keycaps. It has two USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, dedicated media controls, and an over-sized volume knob that's easy to use. It has full N-key rollover as well as an instant sleep button.

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