VEVO reportedly developing 24/7 music channel for Apple TV

VEVO, one of the most frequented services for watching music videos, is reportedly in development to bring a channel to the Apple TV. The dedicated music channel app would run 24/7, and according to Ad Age would provide VEVO with a way to also sell advertisements made for TV:

Having an Apple TV app will allow Vevo TV to sell ads made specifically for televisions. Adidas, McDonald's, Red Bull and State Farm currently advertise on the online version of Vevo TV.

Advertisements isn't the first thing you want to hear about with a prospective new Apple TV channel, but it needs paying for somehow, and if it helps get more content onto the platform then so be it. Music videos are currently available on the Apple TV through iTunes, but these are on a purchase basis. VEVO would essentially be like having a regular music channel delivered to you just as on regular TV.

Neither Apple nor VEVO would comment on the rumor, so for now treat it with a little pinch of salt. But what about the notion of it? Would a 24/7 music channel on the Apple TV excite you?

Source: Ad Age

Richard Devine

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