What You Need to Know: iPhone 2.2 and Jailbreaking

iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Pirate

Ok, so here we have yet another update on the Dev Team's blog. This time they tell us everything we want to know about the 2.2 firmware and jailbreaking.


blockquote>So, as anticipated our friends the misfits have recently released the long awaited 2.2 update. We can confirm that this update SHOULD NOT be applied using iTunes if you want the chance of a soft-unlock in the near future. If you want to keep that option of a ‘soft-unlock in the near future’ available but you want the new features of 2.2, you will be able to update to 2.2 using a PwnageTool created custom ipsw file that disables the baseband update. You will be able to do this using an updated version of PwnageTool that will be released sometime soon.

Notice the "to be released soon" part? Yeah, so did we. For a full list of facts regarding the firmware and jailbreaking please proceed to the Dev Team post. The most important fact to be aware of is if do update to 2.2 right now and are jailbroken you will not only lose the jailbreak but you will not be able to jailbreak 2.2 until they release their new PWNage tool. So, proceed with caution out there.

Of course, when they do release said 2.2 PWNage, you know we'll be all over it.

[Via blog.iphone-dev.org]

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What You Need to Know: iPhone 2.2 and Jailbreaking


I don't care about the jailbreak...app store is all need...but I am currently unlocked, 2.1, using Cincinnati bell. If I just update via iTunes do I lose my current unlock? Thanks!

I hope that the JB is released poste haste. But then again, it's not like I'm paying for them to do it so I will wait patiently.

Yes, you'll lose the unlock. Updates from iTunes always blow away Cydia and everything else your jailbroken phone had that wasn't from the app store.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, have already backed up any data from jailbroken apps, and do not care about a future soft-unlock, is it safe to apply this update, and worry about re-jailbreaking in a few weeks? Can you apply the update on a jailbroken phone, or do you have to restore to a non-jailbroken state first, then update?

@Fassy, It should be safe to update to 2.2 from a jailbroken 2.1 and then whenever the new PWNage tool is released can jailbreak again.

But I thought that unlocking was done via BootNeuter changing the baseband. As far as I know (if you have a 1st generation iPhone) the 2.2 update does not update your baseband, so the phone should still be unlocked. One other problem if you update via iTunes is that it might require re-activation.

Just to explain, and I have just done this today so it does work, I was on a pwned 2G iPhone at 2.1 f/w without jailbreak but with unlock, I updated to 2.2 with iTunes (note, do not update your itunes, it could break the unlock), and the unlock stayed in tact, i was still activated, can make calls, use youtube, everything! Don't worry about updating, you'll just lose the unlock.
Of course, is something DOES go wrong, then you can restore back to a custom, pwned 2.1 f/w version (mkae sure you pwn your iphone again. It should be safe to update to 2.2 again after this, otherwise just stay at 2.1, if something goes worng.

I updated via iTunes with an unlocked 2g running 2.1....I did not have a jailbreak only unlock previously. Update worked fine and the unlock remains...it appears that the baseband for the 2g is not changed. So if you do not need your jailbreak apps or never were interested in the first place...proceed...you will still be unlocked.

Thank you for your response -- I just finished updating to 2.2 I did not update iTunes first, but updating my jailbroken (not unlocked) 2.1 to vanilla 2.2 went off without a hitch. My jailbroken apps are gone, of course, but, oddly enough, my numeric battery indicator from BossPrefs was present, at least until I went into settings and changed something else -- makes me wonder if any other data is still there, just inaccessible.

I need help i am not tech savy, i accidently upgraded my iphone running 2.1 unlock and jailbreak to newest ver 2.2 now my phone is locked, can any one walk me through how to downgrade to version 2.1 again. or where i can get custom pewen 2.1 firmware .Any input will be greatly appreciated.

I hope the updated Pwnage Tool comes out soon. The new features are nice, but what I really want is the Safari stability improvement. My Safari crashes so much on certain sites it's basically useless.

I was jailbroken on 2.0.2 but decided to forego that on 2.1. when i was jailbroken, I changed the battery icon to numeric display. For some reason, that display remained, even without jailbreaking post 2.1 update. I installed 2.2 and the numeric display persists... which is fine... just unexpected. Also, my update took 3 hours to backup... is it possible that remnants of jailbreak are getting in the way... permissions or something?

@fassey all of your jailbroken data will still be on your iPhone (just inaccesable) if you just upgraded but kept data. If you did a complete restore before upgrading you will lose data. I can still ssh into my upgraded phone

@Zergworld, I'd say you should restore from scratch and start over again. If not you are just asking for troubles down the road.

I don’t care about the jailbreak…app store is all need…but I am currently unlocked, 2.1, using Cincinnati bell. If I just update via iTunes do I lose my current unlock? Thanks!
Several reports indicate that your scenario is safe. You retain the "unlock" and "activation", but lose "jailbreak" (which you don't care about anyway...)

I have an iPhone 2g jailbroken and also unlocked with tmobile. I have everything working In my current estate(2.1), data, mms and a couple of cidia app.
I really want to update, I read that is a safe procedure for 2g iPhone but I'm not sure can anyone clarify me? Thank you

They say to update without iTunes but I don't get it. According to my sources, pwn tool hasn't gotten an update yet to suppor ver 2.2 and still they say that is doable if you have a 2g iPhone. Is it done via the pwn tool as well just as it was done for 2.1 do we create an isw file and then use the image, please help if you know any of this

Info: iPhone 3g, OS 2.2, iTunes 8.02
A client tried jailbreaking yesterday. Turned out he had accepted the 2.2 update. It doesn't work. In fact it makes the iPhone crash as much as OS 2.0

Ok so, I have iphone 3g and I really want to update my iphone to the new 2.2 firmware. I dont need to do a software unlock because I am using a TURBO SIM. However I am wondering if it will still work with the new 2.2 firmware once I use quickpwn for windows.......
Does anyone know if it will work.....I had to recently take my iphone back to apple and got a new one because when i updated to 2.2 my turbo sim would not work....I want to know if I use the quickpwn app will my TURBO SIM WORK???? also do i first need to update via itunes to 2.2???? I am currently running a jailbroken 2.1 firmware
Please help thanks

I have a 3G and stupidly updated to 2.2 and my turbo sim no longer works its just loses signal and says "no service" so I guess I am going to have to wait for a 2.2 compatible turbo sim.
I paid 400 pounds for a pay as you go version in the UK from and authorised retailer - thats a lot of money I should be able to be use with any network. All this does, is put me off buying any apple products again (and I've had about 5 ipods over the years) as they are just money grabbing bastards!!! It would cost me $5 a minute just to send and receive calls on the official sim I got the phone and $1 to send SMS.
Every step of the way they are there just ready to take a little more change out of your pocket :[

I have a 3g, O/S 2.2 through my local service provider.I do not need to unlock, only jailbreak. I was originally 2.1 but when I tried the pwnage my iphone went black. I had to restore and to my knowledge itunes updated my iphone without me accepting. Is this possible or was I just too anxious to get my iphone working again and did not see the updater ask me to do this? I want to try this again for my O/S 2.2 but am now a little hesitant.

@ macaronicaesar
The pwn tool that will handle the 2.2 ver is not out as right now, just wait for the updated ver.
Pretty much all websites that discuss the 2.2 version point out to 3g users unlocked not to update as the service would be rendered useless so, don't blame apple. You were not supposed to unlock, did it so be responsible. Now hope for a future unlock by the agile guys at iphode dev to come out with a solution or ur screwed for not reading.

i have the new iphone just got ver 2.2 with firmware 2.28 it's jailbroken and i use a universal sim to get on the tmobile network, but it is not working what do i need to do and which itunes version can i use without having a problem to load music and video to the iphone till the dev team figures it out...please be specific as i am new to this and trying to figure it all out

@ muhamma
Basically you do not have firmware 2.28 you have version 2.2 and basically read up on the post, if you updated you are screwed. Turbo sim doesn't work after the update because it changes the baseband. So now put that iPhone away from now till the guys at iPhone-dev find a solution,

I got new iPhone 3G, Its working with any SIM, I updated twice to 2.1, then 2.2 using iTunes, without any issues, Can somebody tell me whats the status of my phone ? and whether its safe to jailbreak ? I'm interested into installing App using installer or Cydina...

hey everyone, please be patient with me b/c i am more then a few levels below you guys on the food chain when it comes to this stuff....
i just got my 3g iphone last week and updated to 2.2 bc i didnt know any better. i am more then happy with at&t and have no interest in unlocking the phone, but i do wish to jaibreak it.is it possible to do one without doing the other? and lastly does itunes stil funtcion as normal for music and what not if i jailbreak it?

I am assuming you got the iPhone unlocked from the company for $$$$ since you are using a 3g and under 2.2 is unlocked. If you are interested in jailbraking you should have stated with 2.1 as 2.2 is not currently jailbreakable.
They pwntool will be shortly updated to jailbrake the phone. But unlike the 2g, there is not a soft unlock for the 3g just yet. Basically, just wait till it comes out, and see what they say, we are all in suspence right now

i am really not tech savvy and i am desperately in need of help with my iPhone that no longer recognises my mobile service provider...
here's the story
i have a 2G iphone bought from US in Mar08 and hand carried back to singapore. used Ziphone to unlock, jailbreak and activated the local mobile service in s'pore. was working fine all the while.
then came along 2.2. iTunes kept "hounding" me to upgrade whenever i charge the iphone... so, i downloaded 8.0.2 iTunes and 2.2 OS...ran them and well... the darn thing just got jammed at DFU mode... i tried using Ziphone but of cos, realized they dont handle >1.1.4...
promptly, after 10 hours of scouting the internet, downgraded iTunes to 7.5 and downloaded iphone firmware 1.1.4. loaded the iphone with 1.1.4 and proceeded to Unlock, Jailbreak and Activate, like I did in Mar08...
sure enough, the iphone got unlocked, jailbreaked BUT now, there just no mobile service ... to be sure, my SIM is working, i plugged that into another phone..and it works just fine..
i am truly in a jam...
please guys....what can i do?

hi i wondered if someone could help me, i have been reading the coments about the new 2.2, and would mess up your unlocked iphone, but does this matter if your iphone is from apple and is unlocked from them?

@ jenny, if you restored your 2g you might have a problem. If you updated your 2g to 2.2 you shouldn't have had any problems. My cousin has a 2g and flawlesly updated. Of course he pwn his phone with pwn tool and uocked it with cydia and all that using version 2.1 and went on to update to 2.2. The jailbrake was lost but the unlocked stayed intacted. I'm guessing during all that work you did you restored your iPhone to 2.2 using iTunes and that's a problem because it changes the baseband of the phone making itbprettybmuch unusable. The new pwn tool however might save you. It handles version 2.2. If I were you I would try doing that

okay now so the baseband has a problem since updating it to 2.2 so whats the process of using an att sim b/c i inserted my att sim and still no service and wifi access

What if my unlocked/jailbroken 2G is still on 1.1.4. I never updated to 2.0+ but now I want the app store from itunes 8+ since it seems to have some awesome free apps as well as pay ones, at least better that what I can get in installer. Anyway, I was wondering if I can just update to 2.2 and not restore to get the app store on my phone, even if I didn't use pwn to unlock it. Or do I have wait till 2.2 comes out and restore it to get the app store on there. I don't mind if I lose the jailbreak, I just want to keep the unlock (obviously).

there really is no problem updating what you should avoid is restoring as you would lose your unlock till they find how to hack it, if they ever. What you need to have in mind is that for the 2g the baseban was not changed so the unlock stays while the jailbrake is gone. You can safely update to 2.2 straight from your current 1.1.4 update only that installer will be gone. IN aldo heard that the pwntool has been updated so of hoy want yo jailbrake again, is a reallydsafe procedure.

@LethalInterjection, thanks. That helped a lot. Before I do it though, I was wondering if I would lose information on non-jailbroken apps like in my notes for example, or contacts. Would it be wiser to save that important info just in case?

Well no. I can pretty much assure you that all your info including contacts and mails and ..... Will be safe. Make sure you sync it before you update to make sure you have everything in place. Process to update and do not dare to restore as you would lose your unlock. You should be good though, do it

@ lethalinterjection. Ok, so I did the update, not the restore and now my phone is back in emergency call only screen and itunes says the SIM does not appear to be supported. How can I get out of this? Do I need to wait until 2.2 gets pwnd? Did I do something wrong? was I supposed to uninstall the jailbroken apps first?

I need help i am not tech savy, i accidently upgraded my iphone with itunes running 2.1 unlock and jailbreak to newest ver 2.2 now my phone is locked, can any one walk me through how to downgrade to version 2.1 again. or where i can get custom pewen 2.1 firmware .Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Here's what I need to know before jailbreaking my iPhone to 2.2
Ive got iTunes and a jailbreaked 2.1 3g (locked). Is it safe to upgrade my phone to 2.2 and then jailbreak by using Winpwn (using windows).
My biggest worry is losing the feature of being able to put *.ipa files into iTunes and losing my current apps on my iPhone.
Can anyone conform that this won't be a problem???

@bamm man that's not right.
1 are you sure you have an iPhone 2.2
2 did not update itunes
3 you did not restore.
Since if you have and iPhone 2.G you are also able to downgrade to your old version using pwntool you should have no real problem.
If you are a pc user simply create a folder in your desktop download the psiw file that you wish to have( recommend the 2.1) that you cans get in iclarified.com along with all the required steps. Just have this in mind. For the 2g there was no change in the baseband and so you should be able to downgrade to 2.1 that was the last time the baseband was updated. Do this and pwnage as if you were doing it for the first time. After that you can try to update again. I also heard that the official version of the pwntool for 2.2 is out so you can try and do that. I can't verify that last part but the process that I mentioned to you should work (Downgrating to 2.1) hope it helps you

@lethalinterjection. Before I heard back from you, I did check out quickpwn and decided to do the new 2.2. It worked great and gave e exactly what I wanted, the app store as well as installer and cydia, except for one thing: I have no service with T-mobile now. From googling, I have found that many people have had this problem. It seems that it was never actually unlocked and only jailbroken, but the option to choose never came up for 2.2, I plugged it in and followed the instructions. I'm hoping this is different for 2.1, so I will try to downgrade to that but I was wondering if I needed to downgrade my itunes since I do have the latest version. Also, before I run quickpwn 2.1, will I need to remove the other quickpwn software? Thanks for all of your help.

I have an unlocked iPhone 3g that i bought in Singapore. Since I live in Indonesia, I had to unlock it. It works great~! Only thing is, I want to update it to 2.2. Is this safe?

I just updated my unlocked iphone 2g to version 2.2 and it works fine without unlocking or anything, all I lost was my cydia and installer apps. I am kind of worried though because I don't have an iphone contract with my cellular provider (rogers), can the company tell that I have an iphone?

The way I did it and the way I was advising you was to simply update via iTunes. I used my girlfriend's iPhone 2g that was unlocked and jailbroken under 2.1 straight up updated using iTunes and the jailbrake was gone but everything else was ok. All the apps worked only that some requires updating or reinstalling but the tmobile thing worked just fine. The data plan aswell. I'll try to jailbrake hers today to see of I can help you and I'm guessing that you had your 2g unlocked with pwntool. I haven't checked the pwntool that allows for 2.2 to be jailbroken yet so I have no real concrete thoghts about what went wrong. What I can tell you for sure is that you can downgrade to 2.1 and you can fallow the instructions on icrarified for that and you should be ok again. Just run the process as if you were doing it for the first time, get back at me to see how that went. If you can, try getting the older version of iTunes, the 8.1, that's the one I used, just so that all the variables are taken care of and kept constant. Hope that works

Desperately need help i accidently upgraded my iphone with itunes running the lastest version with 2G iphone unlock and jailbreak to newest ver 2.2 now my phone is locked. can some one help me to unlock the phone again. i have used ziphone software to unlocked the iphone. any help towards this is greatly appreciated. thanks a lot in advance

@sunny and everybody else, when I get home tonight I will make a video on how to take iPhones 2gs that's have been mistakenly updated to 2.2 and lost the jailbrake and the unlock. I would paste a link to my video that will show you guys how to go back to 2.1 and unlock and jailbrake the phone again

Hi, just got an iPhone 3g about a week and a half ago. Im hesitant about jailbreaking because i don't wanna void my apple care warranty (I am a student and don't have any spare money laying around). Is there any way to erase any trace of jailbreaking so that in case something happens to my iPhone, I can take it in without them know that it was jailbroken?

i have updated my iphone 3g to 2.2 and was able to downgrade to 2.1 using a ziphone patch,im using a turbo sim and im able to make outgoing calls on my 2.1 iphone 3g ,but i am not able to recieve any incoming calls, it says user switched off ,this is because my modem firmware is still 2.28, it needs to be downgraded to 2.1,
the modem firmware did not downgrade when i downgraded from 2.2 to 2.1,
i am waiting for quickpwn to release the new quickPWN2.2beta software to fix this problem..

I think this is a great site first and foremost. I have a problem. I bought a brand new iphone weeks ago and jailbroke and unlocked it. Everything worked great for about 2 days w/edge and then took a dump on me. Thinking it was the sim I went out and bought a new Gevey 3g turbo sim. It worked again but 2-3 days later same thing. I was stumped for hours trying to get it to work again. I took my sim out and tried it with my girlfriends tmobile sim and it worked with hers. Thinking it was a new sim type. I requested a sim swap from tmobile and it worked for another 1 or 2 days and dumped on me again. It came with version 2.2(5g77) standard and modem firmware 02.28.00. After messing with it for a while I found out that when my sim no longer worked, I could take my girls sim out and pop her's in and works. Im confused HIGHLY. I have had the hardest time ever. I have tried buying a new sim and still nothing. Well now every day or 2 if i take the sim out when not working and swap them and make calls on a true tmobile phone and put it back in my 3g iphone it works for another day or 2. If not I get the No Service signal. Is this a bug they placed on the latest iphone out, Or am I have bad luck? Please Help

I update to 2.2 in a G3 and i got the turbo sim and it work great the only problem is the itune is say no sim and if i take it out it say no sim i tried flight mode and no luck any idea how to get the i tune to work
thank you

I have an unlocked iphone firmware 1.1.3. Can anyone please give me some guidance on how i can get this updated to version 2 and above without relocking my phone. Thanks,

Somebody knows how can I switch off headphones when a call is comming. I'm not using apple headphones, and the only chance I have is with the iPhone speaker.

Answer me these questions 4:
Should I Jailbreak my iPhone FW 2.2?
What is the worst case scenario?
Is the risk of it bricking high?
Can I fix the brickage?

I have an unlocked 2G iPhone running v.2.0 of the firmware. I've read ALL the posts in this thread and it seems like I can safely allow iTunes to upgrade me to v.2.2.
The only question that still is not clear to me, though, is whether or not I need to downgrade iTunes to an earlier version before doing so. Right now, I am running iTunes v.8.0.2 (20). If I do need to downgrade it, how far back do I have to go?

Granted, those of you that mistakenly pdated your 3g there is hope. You can either jailbrake using yellow hog or you can use a sim adapter. For more info visit YouTube.com/abajarde
Or search abajarde in YouTube, there are simple iPhone videos for is to enjoy

hi guys can you tell me that like i jailbreaked my iphone 2.2 3G but like its broken an eveything an it wont give me any service so do i have to unlock it or sumthing????

I have now read all the posts in this guide, but didnt understand how to jailbreak and unlock my iphone. I tried www.iphoneunlock3g.net and it worked. They had easy step-by-step guides on how to unlock my iphone 3g. Now my iphone is unlocked.

hi guys...i need ur help =) im just wondering if there's a way to save my sms messages? and if i jailbreak my 2.0 version iphone 3g, will the msgs be deleted? thanks =)