iPad 3G can make calls and send SMS messages with soon to be released jailbreak app [video]

If you have a burning desire to make phone calls or send SMS messages on your iPad 3G, you'll be happy to know that a group by the name of iPhoneIslam has demonstrated a jailbreak application that enables calls, SMS and FaceTime via phone number on an iPad 3G.

The hack will be called PhoneItiPad and should be available in the Cydia app store before WWDC. The hack requires no additional hardware but you obviously need a jailbroken iPad 3G. This means no iPad 2 support until there is a jailbreak released for that.

Once installed you get an iPhone dialler screen which unfortunately is just the iPhone version blown up 2x. It does look a little ropey; they are working on a full resolution version for this. SMS messages do work perfectly in full screen mode on the iPad. The demo video shows how it all works and it does look like a handy feature to have.

Take a look at the demo video after the break. Then pop back here and let us know if you would welcome the ability to use your iPad 3G as a phone?



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iShatib says:

Greaaaat job guys !!!!!
What a wonderful thing 
I hope it will come soon 

Josh Harris says:

No need to have an iPhone any more - just carry and iPad in your pocket!

NinjaBreadMan says:

And the first text message you will get (for U.S.) is AT&T telling you to stop or they will switch you to a full calling plan for $150 a month.

DaPeeps says:

Am I the only one wondering if this will actually be practical, at least for more than a few months? Once the carriers find out its happening - they will find a way to block it. Its the same thing as an iphone - if it doesnt have a specific calling/sms plan, it wont make calls or texts....
Dont get me wrong...I would die just for the text function. BiteSMS on my ipad - YES PLEASE!

Seabassthegreat says:

I can already do this with an app from the actual AppStore.... Textfree plut voice.... Given that u have to pay for minutes u use... I prefer to use it for texting rather than to give AT&T more of my money each month...

Prashanth says:

Hi Seabass, can i have the app, where i can use the app for my ipad where i can use it as a phone or face time to call phone numbers

Bikerboy says:

He is making phone calls and texts using an actually phone number with a phone Sim card , not over 3G.
It is required to have a 3G iPad , so you can use a Sim card in it.
Viber/textfree plus voice are all great Apps but they are only using internet not actually minutes , which he is doing in this Video ;)
Best Luck

Hoffa says:

You can't do that already.I don't have a iPad. But I have a iPod touch. I send text and make free calls and text all the time from my iPod. Google voice and Vonage, you can't do that on iPad. I have no phone bill right now. Only thing you can't receive calls. But someone can call your google voice number, then just call them back. Winning
Not being cellphone carriers b$&@!

GStrecker says:

We can already make phone calls on iPad 3G using Whistle and Skype, and text and send photos using Text+ with no jailbreaks needed. It is great to have these two apps for emergencies but it is hard to carry my iPad in my pocket for the day to day stuff.

fastlane says:

What does a device that makes phone call have anything to do with pockets?
Answer: It doesn't.

binarydivided says:

Glen, this is actual calling through the GSM network. Sure, you can skype people, but if they're not online, you won't reach them. This is a hack to enable normal calls and sms, like the iPhone does.

usmc says:

There's already an app for that, text free with voice. It works great.

Prashanth says:

USMC, whats the apps name please?

Shekina Perez says:

what app is it?.. i badly needed it... plsss

kokhean says:

Why is everyone talking about VoIP? This is not a typical App Store app, this is a native app!

joeblow84 says:

AT&T will squash this in the US

Jejeka says:

Nothings new, by using the Skype app you can make calls and send SMS messages, at least in the Netherlands.

robnaj says:

So why can't you put the iPhone phone and sms app on the iPad to make it work

Flowmastr1x says:

You can already use the iPad as a phone just use the Line2 app

carolinamic says:

i think this is really cool that this would work as a native app on the ipad 3g. i dont think that it'll hold like others have pointed out

Hoffa says:

Maybe this is one reason why there is no 3G iPod touch, if a jailbreak can be made to make native calls

Nikolai says:

Yes there is. It's called an iPhone...

Jane says:

all youre coments are so dum nik

Jacksparrow says:

Let's try to put things right.
To the folks talking about att blocking this it doesn't matter if they do. There are Many mvno out there airvoice, jolt, h20, redpocket, straight talk etc. and none of them require an unlocked phone, and none of them will care to block this either.
To the folks talking about 3G and voip already being there so that this new hack is unnecessary. Cleary you don't really use those voip apps as there performance on 3G is sketchy at best.
To the folks saying holding a big arse iPad next to your ear is impractical and dorky clearly you have not heard of speaker phone.

Hoffa says:

Duh, I know what a iPhone is. I said a 3G iPod , like the 3G iPad and be able to get the same type data plan with no contract

fastlane says:

"To the folks saying holding a big arse iPad next to your ear is impractical and dorky clearly you have not heard of speaker phone."

Or a Bluetooth earpiece.
Having business phone call capabilities on the iPad, while taking notes, getting directions, processing over-the-phone credit cards, etc., would be fantastic.
When 99% of the visitors here only sit around playing and discussing gaming, what sort of possibilities would you expect them to imagine about this sort of thing? None.

RobCal says:

I wish apple would make a bridge app. No reason to have to text from my phone with iPad beside me... If blackberry and palm can do bridge.. Apple can do it better

NinjaBreadMan says:

Apple probably can...but will VZW and AT&T allow it.

Bad boy from crooklyn says:

If yu think that being able to use your I Pad 3 G as A phone is, "kool"
Than u should see what I can do on my toilet after 12:00 am.. Take A guess ? And it ain't taking A crap .

KDCubic says:

You can also do this through the App Store with Talkatone and GV Connect. (both free when last I checked). It allows you to make and receive calls using a Google Voice number from either Wifi or 3G data plan on the iPad.

JPSAL says:

To everybody who said "the --insert favorite VoIP app here-- app can do this" - can't you read?

Wieps says:

You can natively SMS with the iPad already (if your carrier supports it) with a jailbrak app called swirlySMS. Basta! No more talk of: i can already call with the this or that app from the appstore Please! that happens over data traffic. Different protocol than GSM network.
I have no data plan and can receive/send SMS. Soon, thanks to these guys I'll be able to make calls as well. WHITHOUT A DATA PLAN!

Wieps says:

And: will AT&T or whatever carrier allow it? >
there is no SIMlock on your iPad! Just put in a SIMcard from another carrier!

James says:

It's dumb for apple not to include this function in the fist place. All of people surf, check email etc.... using their phones, it's a voice/data plan. Should be able to do both on iPad. Oh an everyone here needs to understand all calls are digital (DATA) on mobile devices. At&t and verizon shouldn't block this or even care until you hit your data limit.

Ak Udofeh says:

Jailbreak ur ipad todar make phone calls!
Courtesy: NIMOS TECH

Urlover_18 says:

Can u plz tell me details, m new to ipad and want to make calls.

Ck Cheang says:

How? I'm new user..?
Can teach me?

Prashanth says:

Hola!, were you guys able to get the info

Ali says:

In which source I can download PhoneItiPad

chai says:

so this is possible for ipad 1 too?

Sopheakleng says:

any one help I can't do it with my stuff of 4.3.2

Sammy says:

In fact, I can't wait see that work on my iPad because I really want to make calls with my iPad. Thank you

Cheemamotors2003 says:

Please I want to makephone call from I phone from iPad

Nana Yaw says:

Great app guy I wait to have it installed on my ipad2

Prashanth says:

Any of you, in case you get this app or jailbreak please lemme know

gus says:

I test it on an iPad 1 and works just great, I am still waiting since 4.3.3 to install it, now has support for 5.0.1, but only to ipad1 sooooo, still waiting, I will get rid of a lot of devices if I can use my iPad 2 as a Phone (BTW, my wife took my iPad 1 because now she can make calls...)

Aspa says:

I want to jailbreak my 3G Ipad 2 ver 5.0.1 when the App is available.

Jack Young says:

I've JB my ipad2 3G but unfortunately this app is not ready :(
I hope they'll be ready soon though.

VanRB says:

Why all this fuss and fight. Don't be excited with this app. Just download Skype and you are in business. Jail breaking can just make you expensive gadget iPad vulnerable. Just chill Skype is just cool and you can do all your phone business through Skype - and it works all over the world. What more do you need people!

Zuldlagend says:

Well hello, skype might only applicable to those that have internet access.. How about ipad which highly dependable on wifi and no 3G! Or maybe u are stranded to a place which have no internet access.. Do u think skype might help? U still need this type of apps to make normal phone calls.

gus says:

the iPhoneislam are being paid by apple... they stop them to deliver the phone it iPad for iPad 2. do not trust them at al

Scamboy says:

From the same guys that bombed the wdc

Eysman says:

This app that you are discussing will not work will it if you have an ipad2 that is dedicated
to Verizon only?...

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