German customers already receiving iPhone 4S orders

German customers already receiving iPhone 4S orders

Looks like some over-eager German couriers suffering from premature delivery-fication have gotten iPhone 4S orders out way ahead of Apple's official Friday drop date. Not that the customers seem to mind. Indeed, they're taking to the internet to share an advanced look at their hot new devices.

Apple, no doubt, is likely firmly reminding their courier partners to think about baseball, or taxes, or anything that will get them to keep it in their trucks until Friday.

Source: via MacRumors

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German customers already receiving iPhone 4S orders


So jealous! I got my order confirmation from AT&T at 5:55 AM EST on October 7th and they have already billed me. But I have no idea if I am getting it on Friday or not. The last time they updated my order was on the 7th.

my AT&T order still says processing, and thats since Friday morning at 4:45 EST. Come on, I want to see Shipping or Shipped something more positive than "processing"

I'm cancelling my preorder since it's says that the iPhone is out of stock & they'll let me know when it comes back in. They need to reverse the charges that they said they wouldn't charge until it shipped. I'll take my chances Friday morning at my local ATT store. Hopefully they will have 1.

My order status from Rogers is still "open". I'm #107 now, up from #275 when I first reserved my phone. I'm still waiting for a change in the status or an email.