Apple airs first iPhone 4S commercial, focuses on Siri

Apple has aired their first iPhone 4S commercial and it's all about Siri, their new artificially intelligent voice control system. In the commercial, Siri is told:

  • "We have a flat tire."
  • "How do I tie a bow tie again?"
  • "What's the fastest way to Hartford Hospital?"
  • "Do I need an umbrella in New York this weekend?"
  • "Call Chris when I get home."
  • "Move my meeting from 3 to 4."
  • "What does a weasel look like?"
  • "Remind me to get milk when I leave work."
  • "Tell my wife I'm going to make it."
  • "Wake me up at 6."
  • "Play some Coltrane."
  • "I'm locked out." To which Siri replies, "I found 3 locksmiths close to you."

Highlighting Siri comes as no surprise, as a significant number of iPhone 4 commercials focused on the magic of FaceTime, and Siri is this year's big "wow" demo. (Perhaps the new camera will be next?)

Thanks: @ozetadev

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