Turn your photos into miniature planets with TinyWorld for iPhone

TinyWorld is a fun little app that turns your photos into miniature planets that you can save or share with friends. Specifically, it warps what your iPhone camera sees in front of you into 360 degree spheres, making your room, your garden, your skyline, your tourist shots -- whatever you want to take a picture of -- into the surface of a planet.

TinyWorld was recently updated and now allows you adjust tilting after taking your photo to fine tune where the two ends of you flat world meet. You can also convert your preexisting photos into a TinyWorld. Additionally, exporting your photos directly into Instagram is now supported.

I'm having a lot of fun with this little app! Now I just wish I was back in San Francisco where the tall buildings would make for a fantastic TinyWorld photo.

If you pick this one up, please share your little planets in our Photography Forum. We'd love to see them!

TinyWorld turns your environment into miniaturized worlds. The app's "One Click to Shoot" process makes this simple and fun, while the live preview editor allows you to see the results before they're created. And with easy exportation to eMail, Twitter, and Instagram, it's never been more fun to create planetoids from your iPhone!

  • Live preview guarantees quality in the finished product
  • Easy exportation to popular social networking services like Twitter and Instagram, as well as eMail
  • Seamless creation of planetoid-like photos from shots of your environment
  • Fine-tuned controls allow for streamlined editing of shots, even after the shutter has closed

Update notes:

  • Even better performing live warping preview
  • Warping of existing photos is now also supported
  • Adjust the tilting afterwards, to fine tune your planet's shape
  • Gradually adjust the softening of the stitching seam
  • Share using email, Twitter or Instagram

TinyWorld is available on the iPhone for $0.99.

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Turn your photos into miniature planets with TinyWorld for iPhone


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